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I’m the type that drinks cold brew all year round, I don’t care if its 30 degrees out or 100 I just love me some zero waste cold brew! My husband is the coffee nerd in the family and he has perfected this recipe. We do make less in the winter but once the spring and summer hits we like to make a big one gallon batch and hope that it lasts a week (It usually doesn’t).

The best part is this recipe is that it costs about the same as SINGLE cup of cold brew from your favorite local coffee shop. With this recipe you can make this 1 gallon batch that yields 10 cups, thats right 10!!!!!, 12 oz glasses of cold brew. Thats a lot of money saved! I personally love saving money, don’t you?!

You should also know that some coffee shops are just serving iced coffee, which is very different from cold brew. Iced coffee, is just hot coffee cooled and poured over ice and IMO does not even come close to slow extracted cold brew! I love how rich cold brew is, since the beans are extracted for a longer time more flavor develops, and it becomes sweet and chocolatey. The flavors can differ depending on the type of coffee you use, just ask when you go by more coffee and they might have a great recommendation for a reticular roast to use for cold brew. We prefer organic coffee in a medium to dark roast.


Here is my (okay my husbands) zero waste cold brew recipe for making 1 gallon of pure magic. We also make this before road trips to save a little money and sneak ice at a gas station and we are good to go! Man do we save a ton of money on these trips by doing this!

Heres what you will need:

  • 3 cups of your favorite bulk coffee, ground coarse
  • 1 gallon of water (tap water is fine!!!! for the love of all things please stop using bottled water)
  • large coffee sock
  • large jar with wide lid +Coffee sock and jar can be found here!

My husband grinds it at a corse grind since it will be brewing for a long time. You don’t want your beans ground too fine so they don’t end up coming out of the bag. We invested in a pretty fancy and over the top grinder, can be found here. I would highly recommend the investment if coffee is something you love as much as this household! This one works by weighing the amount of grounds by grams and you will have to do a few batches since 3 cups is a lot! If you have a standard grinder that is fine too, you can even grind your coffee at most grocery stores and just ask for help if you don’t know how to use it!

We use a 5 liter glass fido jar which is a over a gallon, but you will be putting the coffee sock in there so you will need a little extra room. Fill your jar with 1 gallon of water, leaving the room. Then fill the coffee sock with your ground coffee and tie so noting escapes. Be extra careful with the tying so you don’t end up with grounds all in you beautiful cold brew!

I also like to hold the coffee sock under the water for a while so it has a chance to soak the water. Doing this will help it sink so all the grounds are getting saturated and we can get optimal extraction of the beans, okay who’s the coffee nerd now!

time to let it brew

We let ours sit for 24 hours on the counter. I know this is painful and takes some planning but it is worth it. Plus as long as your jar is clean you will not grow bacteria, so no need to worry! Once its brewed enjoy over ice and store for up to a week (if it lasts that long!)

You can even get extra fancy by making ice cubes out of the cold brew! OR, you could make some milk or creamer ice cubes and pour the cold brew over that!

feeling creative?

After your wonderful delicious cold brew is ready we sometimes like to add some fun extras.

Heres what we have tried and loved!

  • vanilla extract
  • orange (just a tiny bit!)
  • a splash of bourbon
  • lavender extract (amazing in the summer)
  • maple syrup
  • and my personal favorite honey!

We even once bought a bourbon barrel spiral (what they make whiskey in) and let that infuse and it added a smokey bourbon flavor too it, man was that goooood.

*for optimum flavor enjoy your zero waste cold brew in a mason jar with a metal straw….ok just kidding

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