why I choose to do sponsored posts

In the spirit of transparency I thought I would share why I choose to do sponsored posts. 

I never want you to buy something because I am wearing or using it. I choose to use my platform as a resource for my readers to find what they are looking for but from an ethical/sustainable brand or company. I support companies that are working toward changing the industry. For me it’s the same as supporting local businesses, I want these companies to thrive and continue to grow and that can only be done by supporting them.

When it comes to fashion in particular, it is more that just for function for me, its a way of creatively expressing yourself! I choose to support companies that are combining their talent and creativity with ethics and sustainability. They are artist that are also working to make a living and a difference by choosing to be sustainable or ethical. There are so many factors that go into creating responsibly made clothing and not one company has it 100% right. What matters is that there is an industry that is starting to care and work towards manufacturing clothing with more than just profit in mind. 


As someone who spends a ton of time and energy into my blog/instagram, it all hasn’t come to me free. I paid for my website, blog theme, website support, camera, styling props, ect. This is a creative outlet for me but I also value the work that I do and want to support myself so I can continue to influence others to live more intentional lives. Plus we all deserve to be compensated for the hard work we put it.

I only stand behind companies that I support 100% and would genuinely spend my own money on. We are in a very interesting time where consumers have power. I want to use my platform to help sustainable companies grow, but I also need to be supported for the hard work I put in. I would love for this to one day be my full time gig, but the sustainable/ethical side of being an “influencer” does greatly limit the sponsored post I can get or will accept.

Just to give you an idea, to date I have made $115 off of sponsored posts. I have mostly been offered product to test out and they majority of it is underwear! I really have too man to count which is why an ethical underwear post is in the works.  

I promise to never sell out or start promoting something that I don’t value.