Where to Shop for the Best Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are an everyday staple in my wardrobe, and let me tell you I have tried a ton of them out there!

I have gathered the best of the best when it comes to wide leg pants so you will definitely find the pair you are looking for in this list!

Back Beat Rags

They’re the high waisted, raw hemmed, lots-o-pockets utility pant. This is a brand I have not personally tried since I cannot fit in the sizes they have available. It’s a super cute + mid-priced pant though!

Price: $165
Pros: Made of hemp and organic cotton
Cons: Only come in 4 sizes


These make my top three favorite wide leg pants. They call them the “painters pant” and I just love adding a bit of utility-wear to my closet. Disclaimer: You definitely don’t need to be using a hammer to wear them.

Price: $154
Pros: SUPER comfortable, good big pockets, 100% cotton twill
Cons: I’m 5 ft and I had to hem them but that’s pretty normal for me!


Doen makes some of my absolute favorite clothing. They’re full of dreamy bohemian vibes with an amazing collection of blouses and dresses. But their pant section is to not be missed! They have a few different patterned pants along with some very 70’s sailor vibe denim pants!

Price: $158
Pros: Quality made, ethically produced
Cons: Does not have a lot of size options

Elizabeth Suzann

Using mostly silk, cotton, and linen, Elizabeth Suzanne’s pieces are made to order and built to last. She focuses on simplifying the sewing pieces by eliminating all buttons and zippers. All of her pieces are done with an elastic that is both comfortable and food-baby friendly!

A few of her wide legs to choose from:

Florence Pant

Andy Palazzo

Clyde Culotte

Price: $185-$260
Pros: High quality fabric, sewn with care and will last a long time. Good size range
Cons: These pieces are a bit pricier so they might take some time to save for


My closet go-to for great ethical basics. Everlane does not disappoint when it comes to the wide leg pants.

Here’s what they have:

Wide Leg Chino – My personal Fav!

Wide Leg Crop

Wide Leg Crop with patch pocket!

Wide Leg Utility

The Linen Pant

Price: $65 – $68
Pros: Affordable and good size + color range
Cons: Sizing can sometimes be tricky so read the measurements!

Harley Jae

Another pant that makes the top three is Harley Jae’s Pierrot Pant. Each pair is made of hemp and organic cotton and sewn in small batches in Vancouver, BC.

Price: $201.85
Pros: High quality natural fabrics, amazing quality
Cons: Not a ton of size options, small batches so sizes sell out

Jesse Kamm

Ohh the cult favorite Kamm pant.

Sorry (not sorry) to say these are my #1 most favorite pant I own/wear/have ever purchased. IMO they are worth the money and they hold up to some serious wear, let me tell you.

Need more info?

Check out my post “Are Jesse Kamm Pants worth the $400 Price Tag

Price: $395
Pros: They fit amazing and will last you a longggg time
Cons: Limited size range and they cost $400…Also I did have to hem these cuz, again, I’m 5 ft tall


I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Emmett wide leg pant but that’s another pair I have yet to try.

Price $88
Pros: Budget friendly, good range of sizes available, many color options
Cons: Not ethically produced


A magical shop of vintage and army surplus goods based out of Chicago, IL.

Not sure how they do it but they find some truly amazing vintage and dead-stock pieces including the OG Navy sailor pant which they are sadly sold out of at the moment!

Price: $80-$150
Pros: Doesn’t get more sustainable than buying secondhand!
Cons: Being dead-stock and vintage, sizes run out and don’t return so if you see something you like in your size grab it!

Whimsey and Row

If I didn’t have a ridiculous amount of pants I would buy a pair of these. Because boy, are the Flora Pants cute!

Price: $168
Pros: 99% Organic cotton, good price + size range
Cons: They have and 11″ rise and I like ’em a little bit higher

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