What I Wore This Week: October 7th – 13th

Although I share my outfits pretty much daily on my Instagram @jesswithless I like to share a little round-up of all the looks from that week. That way I can easily link and share all the pieces I wore and I will even find similar versions for my thrifted/vintage items. Or if an item is a bit more pricey, I’ll link a more affordable version for ya!


Wearing a favorite sweater from Sézane for this look. I also featured it in a recent IGTV “How to Tuck a Sweater into Your Bra” if you want to avoid that bunched up look when you tuck them in! Check it out to see how I do it!

Outfit Details


Wearing my most favorite thrifted find of all time, this wool brown and black squiggle sweater. Sorry, not planning on selling it anytime soon, I have so many of you ask but this is a prized possession!

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Loving this combo of ruffles and big boots. This is the first time of the season that I’m bringing out these huge platform Doc Martens. I scored them off Depop last year and my friends at work jokingly call them my ass-kickin’ boots.

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Feeling like a 70s spy in this look and I’m v into it! A thriftable trend I have been loving is a big statement belt like this snakeskin one I found for $2!

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This Sézane dress is the same dress I wore on my birthday this past August but I’m not one to wear something once! I like to get a special dress for my birthday but always make sure it’s something I will wear regularly as well! I’m planning on wearing it with tights as it gets colder and colder this fall and winter.

*Mini review on the Everlane ReKnit boots. I actually ended up selling these since I had sized up thinking that would be good for wearing thicker socks but it was a mistake! I’d actually size down and go a half size smaller since they offer so much stretch. After wearing them for a day I felt that my foot moved around too much and it became uncomfortable. I’m typically a true 5.5 in all Everlane shoes btw!

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