What I Wore This Week: October 14th – 20th

This was a busy week for me but I got to spend a few days in NYC with my best friend Julia! I had a Thinx Leaders event to attend and she had a movie viewing for a horror festival so it was a fun mix of work and play for both of us!

*Shameless plug! I’m a leader with Thinx, they are a reusable menstrual underwear brand that I LOVE and I have a $10 off link HERE if you want to try out a pair! If you don’t know what they are, check out THIS POST and you can learn all about them!

Anywho! Each day of our trip we walked about 10 miles and I was honestly so thankful to be home after that. Not sure if this gal could handle having to walk everywhere all the time!


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Kimmy, my oldest kitty, looking as sweet as can be in the background!

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Outfit Details


Sézane was on my list of places I wanted to visit and it was just as beautiful as I dreamed! Although I didn’t end up getting anything, it was still fun getting to visit. I had a lovely chat with one of the guys that worked there and learned a lot of things about the company that I didn’t realize before! I’ve had a few of you ask if Sézane is actually a sustainable brand so I’m thinking of doing a little post about them since I find it’s a little difficult navigating their website and getting all the details you need!

For the rest of the trip, we visited a ton of shops and I ended up finding a few secondhand goodies since that was way more in my budget! I even made up a blog post sharing where we went so check out my post “Sustainable + Secondhand Guide to New York City”!

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I realized I wore the same two pairs of pants all week! Yay for outfit repeating!

Outfit Details

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