What I Wore This Week: November 25th – December 1st

Hi friends! Glad to have you here for another week of outfits! Here is a round-up of all my looks from the past week in one easy spot with all items linked. If I’m wearing older pieces or something secondhand I try to find something similar for ya!

ICYMI: Since we are in the holiday season I have been putting together some sustainable gift guides on the blog in case that’s your thing check them out here:


This sweater definitely needs to be washed but I’m not sure I can survive two days without it while it air dries!

Speaking of washing, I recently bought a bottle of Eucalan thanks to a lovely friend recommendation from @annacrusis Eucalan is a specific wash for wool that’s also rinse free so you end up using way less water! Plus it conditions your sweater so they become even more soft and let me tell you this stuff works so well! I’m honestly scared to see how dirty this sweater is but I know it deserves a good bath!

Outfit Details:


Outfit Details:


Outfit Details:


New mirror, who dis?

In case you are interested, the mirror is the Beau Mirror in Walnut from Article! *gifted

Outfit Details:

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