What I Wore This Week: January 13th – 19th

Raise your hand if you are ready for spring? I will say though this is my favorite time of year to look for sweaters and coats at the thrift store since they tend to be on sale at the end of the season so be sure to keep an eye out at your local spots!

New to my outfit round-up posts? Here you will find all my looks from a past week in one easy spot with all items linked. If I’m wearing older pieces or something secondhand I try to find something similar for ya!

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I finally hung my favorite vintage mirror (you can see it behind me!) I have a hard time committing to hanging stuff since involves drilling very large holes in our plaster walls but I’m liking how this looks a lot!

Outfit Details


This was an outfit that I did for ThredUP for their “How Dirty is Your Closet” quiz. It’s a super short quiz, it only takes 3 mins and I scored in the Medium-High range and found out my closet had the same impact as 3.9 flights from San Francisco to LA! I’d love to know your results in the comments below! 

+Take the 3 minute quiz to find out the impact your wardrove has on the planet!

To improve my impact, this year I am taking a whole new approach to how I build my wardrobe and that means shopping way less + mostly secondhand. If you don’t have a ton of local thrift stores or time, ThredUP allows you to shop by brand + size + color-specific which you can’t do at a regular thrift store!

Outfit Details


Outfit Details


These pants are probably the most colorful item in my closet I’m just drawn to neutrals more but I like having a few colorful pieces to wear whenever I’m feeling wild.

Outfit Details

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