What I Wore This Week: August 5th – August 11th

This week I took a quick two day trip to Portland, OR and I only managed to get 4 out of 7 outfits pictures shot and posted to IG @jesswithless and honestly it was kinda nice to take it easy posting.

Unintentionally, all of this week’s outfits included the same pair of shoes. Clearly, the Nisolo Paloma Mules were a good buy!


This is a new sustainable brand discovery for me and when I saw this top there was not mindful pausing. I bought that shit immediately because LOOK-AT-IT! If Marie Antoinette wore a crop top this would be it and hi I would like to be buried in this please.

Outfit Details


Outfit Details

Note: Until 8/14/19 you can save 15% at Marty Jean with my code “jesswithless15”


Wearing all Nau pieces (minus the shoes) for the workshop I taught with them in Portland this past Wednesday night. It was such a fun opportunity! Read more about it in this post!

BTW, these pants are a much affordable dupe to the Kamm pant!

Outfit Details

Outfit Details

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