WFH With EILEEN FISHER (a week of looks)

My normal workday (before the pandemic) I worked from home regularly and as most that WFH will tell you, getting dressed is so important when it comes to mood/productivity.

Now some days I wear outfits that are on the cozier side and somedays I feel like getting dressed up just because I can! I will argue though, that I really only own comfortable clothing. I focus on well-fitting pieces made of natural materials and depending on my level of effort I can go from just chilling at home to a dinner party wearing the same pieces. I just changed up the shoes and accessories!  

For this week of looks, I’ve partnered with EILEEN FISHER who without a doubt is the queen of creating those basics that you can wear while hanging on the couch or when you’re spending the night out and everything in between.

Going to the Grocery Store

Since grocery aisles are today’s runway you better believe I am getting all dressed up! Mindful of only going when needed but still making the most out of the trip by dressing cute.

I think every time I’ve gone grocery shopping it’s been in a dress and my beloved espadrilles. I love a loser fitting dress like this linen one and since I’m petite I like to draw some attention to my waist so I add a fun belt bag!


Cozy Day

You know when you wake up and you just don’t feel like getting all dressed up? Even as someone who loves to have fun with clothes I still have days I need to just take it easy. My #1 favorite thing to wear on days like this is linen! My first EILEEN FISHER piece I ever bought was a basic linen tank and I wore it for years. 

A good pair of linen pants basically feel like you wearing pajamas but look like you took time to get dressed. So on those cozy days, I’ll toss on a pair of linen pants and a simple t-shirt or sweater and that’s about it!


Feeling Productive

My power outfit is basically this:

Cute top + well fitting jeans + cute & comfy shoes

If I’m wearing this it’s gonna be a good day! Combine this with warmer weather and I’m even happier! 

EILEEN FISHER is known for her amazing fabrics and like linen she knows her silk. When I want to feel good & stay cool I’ll toss on a silk tank. This piece is so basic but so put together at the same time. 


Keeping Warm

May in Maryland means the weather can either be pretty chilly or pretty hot so having a layering piece is important! I want something light and easy to toss on and not wool since it’s (hopefully) not cold enough for wool. 

I’m the type that doesn’t like a traditional desk and kinda moves around the house throughout the day working in different spots. Sometimes I’m on the couch in a blanket, working at the kitchen table, or I’m in my favorite spot, the sunniest room in our house. 


Go For a Walk

When working from home it’s super important to get outside. I try to take a walk in the afternoon and it really helps boost my mood! Depending on the weather I wear some comfy shoes and clothes and just let myself wander around my neighborhood. 

This has honestly been my favorite part of quarantine. I’ve discovered so many beautiful streets, buildings, and trees that I doubt I would have ever noticed if it wasn’t for these longer walks. 


*This post was sponsored by EILEEN FISHER and I was gifted the pieces mentioned and tagged. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for reading and supporting JESS WITH LESS!