The Less Digest + 002

Thanks to a lovely follower that helped me name this series! These weekly updates will officially be called “The Less Digest”!

Checking back at my last week I only posted 4 times which is not my usual! I decided to take a few days off and go camping with friends and it was such a fun time!

We ate + drank + tubed + had too many smores, it was such a lovely little weekend.

We even slept in the back our Prius! We just add a full size blow up bed and we are good to go! No tent needed!

Keeping it Low Waste

Plastic free July is right around the corner, what is Plastic Free July? Head on over to the original website to find all about it HERE!

Note: Living plastic free is not really 100% possible so if you still use plastic (hello, I definitely do!) you are welcome in this space! I only want to offer you ways to reduce and simplify your life while saving a little $$$ in the process!

Now that we got rid of the guilt, I have a fun little post coming out next week on “6 Ways to Have a Low Waste Summer” to give you a head start on having a successful Plastic Free July so keep an eye out for that!

Zero Waste Goods

Well Earth Goods is a newer discovery for me and I just placed an order for tooth paste tabs + a dish soap bar + a new dish scrub brush. Check them out if you are looking for zero waste + plastic free alternatives.

Declutter a little

As the summer really starts to set in I find myself not really grabbing for the same pieces I did last year. I find as I get closer and closer to my 30s (I’ll be 29, August 22nd!) my style and taste tends to change soo much.

Take some time and reevaluate your closet and re-sell or donate the pieces you no longer love. I typically go with eBay but I have a whole post on “Best Online Shops for Secondhand Clothing” Obviously all of these spots would be a great place to sell your own stuff!

What I’m loving this week

  • I wore this Summersalt bathing suit allll weekend and even again on Tuesday when we went back to go tubing. Have I told you how much I love tubing?

I find the sizing to be great and it’s not a suit the rides up to much!

  • This Ren crocheted top that was recently gifted to me and will be worn multiple times a week all summer


Looking to try a zero waste alternative to pads? Check out THINX menstrual underwear! I’m an affiliate with THINX so I have a $10 off discount to share if you end up wanting a pair or two, to save, just click this LINK

Check out this post “How to Have a Zero Waste Period” to learn even more on the subject!

Well that’s it for this week! This was suppose to go out last Monday but better late then never!

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