Sustainable Gift Guide: Personal Favorites

In case you missed it, last week I shared my “Under $100 Sustainable Gift Guide” which I wanted to make for anyone looking for something to gift that’s on the more affordable side. This week’s gift guide is more geared towards gifts that you would give to a closer friend, family member, or even your partner! All are specially picked by me and Items that I love that I think would both exciting and useful to whoever you gift them to!

Note: I have partnered with a few brands for this gift guide and have either been gifted an item, earn commissions from sales, or they sponsored this post. I only work with brands that I have personally researched & love, all opinions are honest and my own.

American Blossom – Sheets

Close your eyes….okay are you doing it? Now imagine you’re are in some fancy hotel on a faraway vacation and you wake up to a bed with the most perfect sheets, they’re thick but not too stiff and smell like a field of something that smells really good and you wish your bed felt like this but wait, now thanks to American Blossom it can be!!?!?!

Okay, so clearly your eyes would have to be open to be able to read this but you get the idea!

All jokes aside I have tried quite a few of the organic and “natural” sheet brands out there, and I gave up and went with some Ikea ones that drove me insane (future bed sheet review is in the future). I’ve had sheets that were so thin, they have torn after a few washes, some that were so itchy I couldn’t sleep, and some that had a price tag that well just was way too far out of reach. Recently I had American Blossom reached out to me and after researching their brand I decided to give another pair of sheets a try. I’m so glad I did since these are honestly the best ones I have tried yet and would definitely be a lovely gift to anyone!

American Blossom kindly offered a discount to my readers, use code “JESSWITHLESS25” at checkout to save 25% OFF. Code valid 12/16/2019 11:59 PST

Bodica – Base Layer/Body Primer

My underarms tend to sweat a little more in the winter since wool sweaters really trap in the heat so I tried out the Bodica body primer and it has helped keep my sweaters and clothes odor-free.

How it works:

Basically the body primer is meant to provide sweat and odor protection from your clothes. You wear it as a base layer and you will end washing your clothes way less making them last longer and save you some $$$! No need to head to the dry cleaners either!

Everlane – Work Bag

This list would be incomplete without something from Everlane so I am including something that has been on my wishlist for a while and that’s the Day Market Tote. I’ve been wanting a nice work bag to tote my computer around when I work away from home and this one is just so beautiful and handy!

Sandgrens – Clogs

The magic of clogs, somehow both amazingly comfortable and cute at the same time. Plus they can be multi-seasonal, I love the trend of wearing a pair of clogs with a fun pair of socks and one gal that comes to mind is @shannydoots who absolutely nails the socks + clogs combo!

Sandgrens kindly offered a discount to my readers, use code “JESSWITHLESS” at checkout to save 20% OFF. Code valid 12/31/2019 11:59 PST

Tribe Alive – Wide-Legs

  • Price: $168 (50% off 12/3 with code “CYBERMONDAY”)
  • Sizes: 0-12
  • Colors: Navy, White

Now, what kind of gift guide would this be if I didn’t include a pair of wide-leg pants?

I’m calling these ones the “Holy Grail wide-leg pants that won’t break the bank!” The rise is just how I like it, nice and high with a 13 1/2″ rise! Made of sturdy cotton with both front and back pockets.

Jewelry Picks

Two brands I’ve recently discovered that are smaller sustainable makers that would make anyone on your list light up! These are all pieces that are meant to be worn and cherished for a lifetime so they are a bit of an investment but ohh so special!

Chupi – For Personalized Necklaces

Recently I’ve been layering my gold necklaces and I love ones that can be customized to fit me and my personality. Two favorites from Chupi are the Initial Letter Midi Disc that you can get a letter of choice engraved in, or the We Are All Made Of Stars and have their (or your) star sign constellation engraved.

Here’s little about the brand:

“At 21, Chupi was scouted by Topshop from her first year in college as the youngest designer to ever work for the company. She went from scruffy student to serious designer overnight and absolutely loved it. However, after a six-year career in fast-fashion, Chupi wanted to create something that lasted forever and celebrated Ireland’s incredible design heritage, and so in April 2013 Chupi, the brand was born.”

Ochre Objects – For Rings

Ochre Objects has a beautiful collection of both delicate + intricately detailed pieces including the lovely Saphire Ovate Ring that I just added to my slow-growing jewelry collection.

Here’s a little about the brand:

“Made in small batches by hand in Los Angeles from recycled gold, recycled diamonds, and responsibly sourced colored stones. “Responsible sourced” means to us that we source materials that are either reclaimed or post-consumer recycled or are purchased from dealers with very short supply chains meaning we can trace the material back to its origin and feel good about how it’s been handled.”

Ochre Objects kindly offered a discount to my readers, use code “JESSWITHLESS” at checkout to save 15% OFF.

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