Sustainable Gift Guide: Clean Beauty + Personal Care

I wanted this gift guide to be more than just make-up recommendations but also for personal/self-care since we all could use a little bit more of that this time of year!

For this guide, I focused on brands that have lower waste packaging, cleaner ingredients, and high sustainable standards. Some of these brands even offer refillable products which is something I would like to see every brand offer.

Note: I have partnered with a few brands for this gift guide and have either been gifted an item, earn commissions from sales, or they sponsored this post. I only work with brands that I have personally researched & love, all opinions are honest and my own.

Āether – Eyeshadow Pallette

An eyeshadow pallet with 12 highly pigmented colors that’s basically the grown-up version to a box of crayons and indeed a lovely little gift. Āether is a one woman-owned business and she has a cool take on the way she does her packaging by eliminating mirrors and magnets so at the end of the pallets life you can recycle it!

About the eyeshadow:

“The crystal charged pigment is infused with amber, ruby, and topaz to illuminate the skin with their light-reflective properties”

I’ve tried my fair share of natural eyeshadows and this is the one I would recommend the most. You get a large selection of both matte and sparkly shadows and they are all very strogly pigmented not that super-natural stuff that barely shows color, this stuff works!

4 Palleted to choose from (I have the Summer Solstice)

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by Humankind – Refill Toiletries

Give the gift of zero waste + refillable personal care products! Humankind makes my favorite refillable deodorant and mouthwash tabs and they have a whole line-up of refillable products to try out and cut out single-use plastics at the same time!

How does it work? You purchase the product and container the first time around, then when you are due for a refil you just buy the product and keep the old container to fill it back up!

  • deodorant
  • mouthwash
  • shampoo bars
  • conditioner bar
  • body wash bar
  • hand soap

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Elate – Make-Up

100% vegan + cruelty-free and plastic-free!

A leader in sustainability when it comes to cosmetics. Elate is a refillable make-up brand that uses beautiful bamboo packaging that you can continue to use you just refil the actual product as needed. They even send the refills in compostable seed packaging that you can plant!

My favorite

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Lilah B – Make-Up

My favorite natural foundation and I have tried a lot out there but this one has the best coverage, it lasts the longest and I love that it comes in metal and glass containers but I’m not sure if they are refillable which is odd since the compacts are heavy!

I did get the application brush to apply the foundation and 100% recommend you do if you want to try this brand out. As a finishing touch on my make-up, I use their Aglow Face Mist that acts as a setting spray to help your make-up stay put!

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Lush – Bath Bombs & Shampoo Bars

For years I’ve tried a ton of different natural shampoos and conditioners and I always end up going back to the lush bars. My personal favorites are the Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar and the Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner Bar. The thing I love most about using a shampoo bar is the fact that they are so travel-friendly! They are mess-free, easy to pack, and don’t count as a liquid!

Another fail-proof gift from lush would be any of their bath bombs!

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Petite Vour

Selling a good range of natural make-up and self-care products and a good one-stop-shop if you want to simplify your shopping a bit. They even have a specific section for zero waste products!

Favorites in their shop:

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Public Goods – a little of everything!

About the brand: “We’re a brand that delivers essentials across several categories, united by a set of values. We believe the products you use every day should be healthy, sustainable and easy to access. We deliver well-designed, eco-friendly essentials directly to you.”

Personal favorites from Public Goods:

Okay completely unrelated to this gift guide but their Ramen is freaking delicious and that counts as self-care right???

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Thinx – Menstrual Underwear

Have a friend that’s a little scared to make the investment towards a pair of period underwear? Gift it! A pair of Thinx ranges from $24-$39

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Looking for a review on Thinx? Check out this blog post!

Saalt – Menstrual Cup

Another amazing gift to give a friend would be a menstrual cup. Not sure about their size or shape? Saalt offers gift cards so you can be sure they get the right style for them.

Wanna learn more about menstrual cups? Check out this blog post!

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