Running List of Sustainable Jewelry Makers

Today there are so many amazing small + handmade sustainable jewelry makers out there that you have no need to head to Forevs 21 and get some tacky + cheaply made necklace. Whether you are looking for a fun statement piece or for a sustainably made engagement ring I compiled a list of sustainable jewelry brands so they are all in one spot making it easy for you to shop sustainably.

I did a poll on my instagram asking for sustainable jewelry brand recommendations so a lot of these brands are new to me! Thanks so much for all that messaged me. If I missed an amazing sustainable maker, leave me a comment and I can add it to this list. 

I divided this post into 3 sections for easy navigating: 

wallet friendly + somewhere in the middle + investment pieces

Let’s get started!

wallet friendly


Able is what I would call the ethical fashion equivalent to Madewell. Really stylish basics and a good assortment of sustainably made jewelry thats all handmade in Nashville, TN. A great maker to start off with if you are new to sustainable fashion.


Based out of Arkansas, Emily focuses on creating pieces that last. Emily’s pieces are meant to be worn again and again, she even offers a free repair on anything that may break! I’m smitten with the triple pearl necklace and earrings. Plus all items ship free of plastic!

Mata Traders

Forget about shopping at Anthropologie, Mata Traders is your spot for jewelry if you like authentic artisan made pieces. They have one of the biggest + best collections of earrings and necklaces that are all ethically made. Do not miss this shop!

Did I not convince you yet? They have a majorly impressive list of all the ways they are working on making an impact in the world as a business.


Nisolo is one of my got to places to shop for sustainably made shoes but did you know they also carry jewelry? All made of brass with a simple and minimalist design, perfect for those that like more subtle designs.

Based in Nashville, TN (another fave southern city) they offer an impact report on their website that provides and in-depth look on their supply chain.

Noonday Collection

Working to develop artisans businesses through a fair trade practices. I’d check out this spot if you looking for a colorful + unique statement piece for yourself or a friend. Each piece also shares where and who make it so you can feel even more connected to what you are purchasing. Prices range from around $20 – $120

Noonday also offers a mix of other artisan made goods like bags, scarves, and more.

Purpose Jewelry

100% of their proceeds go towards the International Sanctuary which works in providing a safe healing workplace community for survivors of human trafficking. Whoa! This is a brand I can get behind and their collection does not disappoint. Simple but fun earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are all made by a survivor of human trafficking. 

Raven and Lily

Brass is the main metal used for their line and they have quite a few pieces that feature Ankola horn (upcycled cow horn). Technically they are not vegan friendly, BUT it does helps reuse an already existing material. Plus it also helps supports communities in Kenya. Rave and Lily also have a leather bag line that is handmade in Ethiopia the works toward helping that local community. 

Sea and Pattern

Sea and Pattern makes earrings + necklaces made from polymer clay in various shapes and colors. If you are looking for something a little different than traditional gold and silver check this maker out. Britt is a one women show is based out of Portland, OR. 


Offering some more unique and fun statement pieces that are all under the $100 price range. The majority of the metal they use is recycled brass which I am a hug fan of! This is a new one for me and I am loving all of their earrings. 


Voloshin is a Philadelphia based ethical clothing maker that has recently launched a new line handmade jewelry. Their collection features moonstone, rose quartz, chalcedony, and lapis lazuli. I love that they talk about the benefits of each stone so you know its uses and benefits.

Voloshin combines a bohemian influence with finely curated, handprinted natural fibers and traditional hand embroidery. Be sure to check out their most recent spring 2019 lookbook that just came out this month.

Windblown Jewelry

Based out of Raleigh, NC (one of my fav southern cities!) this small company creates a simple line of earrings, necklace, rings, and cuffs. Everything in there store is under $60 as well so its a great place to start you sustainable jewelry collection.

I personally have two pairs of their earrings: the Radiant Stud and the Staple Earrings and they quality is amazing! (not gifted or sponsored)

somewhere in the middle 

This section features brands that are in the mid range of pricing. Maybe you got a promotion? Maybe it’s you birthday? Maybe it’s a Tuesday? Here are some amazing sustainable jewelry makes to go to if you want to treat your self.

Aide Memoire Jewelry

A all women owned sustainable jewelry brand based out of Seattle, WA. They focus on using conflict free and eco friendly materials. Additionally, Aide-mémoire Jewelry makes monthly contributions to the following organizations: Lambda LegalThe Hunger ProjectDirect ReliefHuman Rights CampaignEthical Metalsmiths .

They kindly gifted me their 2mm Bump Ring a few months ago and I haven’t taken it off since! It’s become such a special ring that I know I will have forever.

Claus Jewelry

I am not one that is that knowledgeable on jewelry terms and recently discovered what a signet is and now of course I want one! Claus has a Botanical Collection with hand engraved flower and trees and I think I just died and went to heaven.

Claus is based out of Montclair NJ using recycled metal and conflict free diamonds. The brass is of course a much more affordable option but they due offer their jewelry in a mix of brass, golds, and silver. 


This is one of the most popular ethical jewelry brands out there, and for a reason!  Offering a mix of gold filled, silver, and solid gold they cater to a wide price range. I’m particularly found of their zodiac collection and might just get my self one for my next birthday.

Gldn does a great job on offering custom pieces. Ranging from specific letters, dates, numbers, zodiac signs, and florals. This is where you want to go if you are looking to mark a special event or get something more individualized to you.

Marissa Mason

Brass is one of my favorite metals to wear and Marissa has a beautiful collection of earrings that easily dress up any casual outfit! Shown below are the Lina and they were kindly gifted to me.

Based in Oakland, CA all her pieces are hand carved, casted, and made right in the Bay Area. If you are local to the DC area, Salt & Sundry actually sells some of her pieces which is where I purchased my Virginia Eye necklace originally!


Fair Pricing is what Mejuri is all about. They have a similar style of pricing transparency that Everlane does. Most jewelry brands are marking up their products 8-10X the actual cost, Mejuri does not. Shop here if you are looking for affordable solid gold and silver jewelry that is classic and timeless.

investment pieces

This is your section if you are looking for that investment piece that you want to last a life time and possible pass down to your children or family. I also included a few great spots to find engagement rings.

I’m not going to compare prices for this one since most of the pieces in each brand are one of a kind or they have a very bit range in prices 

Catbird NYC

Started in 2004 in Williamsburg as a small shop selling clothing and other handmade goods now is a huge brand that is creating some truly amazing handmade jewelry. They are also member of no dirty gold and their pieces are all made in their Brooklyn studio.

I’m in love with their rat necklace that I just accidentally found on their page. I.NEED.IT. I live in Baltimore, we are famous for our rats. It’s just so sweet with its little diamond eyes! Anyone have $700 bucks they don’t need? Asking for a friend.

Loren Stewart

Founded in 2009 and based in California, Loren Stewart was created by a group of friends and sisters. For gold they use up-cycled vintage gold, how awesome! All of their pieces are made with solid gold or sterling silver, nothing is plated. They offer seasonal + themed lines as well as a core line that they always have available. 

Marrow Fine

They offer a very unique service where you can take you old engagement ring or you moms, or you grandmas, and they will rework and modernize it. I follow them regularly on instagram and I have seen them do some amazing things to very old and outdated rings, plus the owner/founder is hilarious.

This is one of the more expensive brands I have on this list but I just love what they are doing despite that fact that I do not have the means to buy from them. If you are looking for the ring of a lifetime and want to blow someone away this is your spot.

Brilliant Earth

More of a mainstream sustainable jewelry brand and one of the first I learned about when I first started researching ethical brands. Brilliant Earth is leading the way when it comes to sustainably made engagement rings. One thing that is unique to Brilliant Earth is that you can design you own ring via their website so you can get a piece you know you will love for the rest of your life. 

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