Review: Everlane Rain Boot

For the sake of transparency I want you to know that I’m currently an Everlane Affiliate. The way it works is I am offered products (not every product) before the officially come out (like the Everlane rain boot). This is usually in exchange for promotion whether it be post on my Instagram or blog. They are not constantly sending me stuff just a few things a month. It’s a pretty smart advertising strategy that brands are doing and thats could just be a whole other blog post topic…

BTW anyone with an influence (even just a few thousand followers) can apply to be an affiliate on their website. Just scroll to the bottom of Everlane’s website (I did not even know what an affiliate was a year ago when I started Jess With Less!). It is a program that you have to be accepted into and usually takes a week or so to hear back. Be careful with over applying to affiliates! Don’t just say yes to everything. Choose your affiliates slowly and carefully, they are a lot of work and you don’t want to end up with only #sponsored posts.

the rain boot

Now that we got that out of the way lets move on to the new Everlane rain boot. They asked me to promote this boot and I was honestly a little hesitant since I already had a perfectly good pair of rain boots. But, they had it in a stone color that matched my rain coat really well!! I’m no perfect minimalist over here! Anyway, I’m so glad I did! These rain boots have honestly changed my opinion of rain boots forever.

Most of the time I will wear rain boots on my walk to work then change into something else. I find that most rain boots are too heavy so my legs get tired. Or they are just uncomfortable and not supportive. I also typically don’t like how they look.

Here comes in the Everlane rain boot. As soon as I took them out of the box I was a changed woman (okay, just kidding). They are so nice and seriously soo well made! Read on to find out my full thoughts on these boots!


Thick rubber sole, with a touch of a heel in a Chelsea with the elastic sides. Comes with two fabric pulls and inside is a super cushy insole that is comfortable for all day wear.

They come in 5 colors:

black, green, light pink, toffee, and the color I chose, stone.


The boot is made from rubber with a leather composite lining. Ive worn many rain boots in my life, and these have kept my feet the warmest. I think the main reason is they have a chunkier sole so your feet are farther from the ground so they stay warmer.

Since we got hit with the polar vortex I have been wearing them with thick wool socks and my feat almost sweat since are so warm! You could easily switch to cotton socks or even with tights and a dress in warmer months.


Unless I’m walking around in a city all day and its raining I typically pack another pair of shoes with me so I can change out of my rain boots once I get to work. With these I didn’t do that at all. I tested them for two full days at work. My typical work day is an 8 hour shift where I’m on my feet 90% of the time. Plus thats on concrete, not really the best floor to walk on! I walk on average 3 miles a day at work, its a big store!

Guys, my feet did not hurt at the end of the day! They are just so comfortable that I started wearing them even when it wasn’t raining.


At first I had a hard time putting them on, but after a few wears the break in and are much easier to slide on.


I do not own a pair of sneakers and will definitely “suffer for fashion”. Especially when it comes to shoes, I can’t help it! I tried to be practical when I went to Iceland last year and buy a nice pair of snow boots and just felt bleh the whole time. The Everlane rain boots would have been perfect for a trip to Iceland! I’ll just have to go back and do it all over again in these boots.

They are the perfect mix of comfy + practical + CUTE


Quality, thick rubber with good detailing. I find rain boots can look cheap easily and these definitely do not. I like the color contrast with the heel and the thick fabric pulls make them easier to put on. Priced at $75, I definitely think they are worth it!


I’m a true size 5.5 and thats what I usually order shoes from Everlane. Since they did not offer half sizes I went with a six so I would wear them with thick socks. I would definitely recommend sizing up if you are in the middle!

I wanted to give you guys my honest and detailed opinion so you can make an educated decision before you purchase. Use this link to be taken to the Everlane rain boot.

*as mentioned above I am an affiliate with Everlane, by clicking my links I make a small commission from your purchases. Currently those commissions will be going to the redesign of this whole site. That doesn’t come cheap! Thank you so much for you support as a reader and follower of Jess With Less!