Pantry Organization for Tiny Spaces (Before + After)

Living in an older house we have barely any storage, especially in the kitchen. We recently gave our tiny pantry an overhaul where we took the whole thing apart and completely re-organized it.

Since it turned out so well, I thought I would share how we did it! I just really love how pretty + functional the whole thing turned out!


Flash back to two years ago and this little pantry in the kitchen of our 1920’s row house was a lovely pealing bright yellow, with a mirror, ONE shelf, and a clothing rack?

Super functional for a kitchen, right?

My dad is my contractor. Why yes, I’m a lucky lady! And for my 28th birthday I asked that we (he) redo the whole thing. Sadly I do not have any before pics but I have one right after it was finished. (Maxwell house is my dad’s, I like my boujee coffee).

What We Used

  • We purchased some double doors at a local secondhand hardware store called Second Chance. We wanted something a little more functional than just the single swinging door that was already there.
  • For a finish, we coated them in a white wash for wood so they would match our Scandinavian style floors and we absolutely love how they turned out…

But guys,

We needed better organization!

Now flash forward to today (okay two weeks ago) and we’ve had the hardest time keeping this pantry organized. It has honestly looked like a hot mess since it was put in (sorry dad!). Plus my husband was not at all a fan of the mismatched jars (we try to be low waste) and I can kinda see why. He wants everything to fit together and be easy to sift through.

So we decided to tackle this mess once and for all. Here is a beautiful pic of everything we’ve pulled out of the pantry, and the first stage of organizing them into themed groups. Our ceilings were also currently being dry-walled so our floors are covered in cardboard!

Ikea to the rescue!

Ikea is heavily used in this household so we grabbed a measuring tape, jumped on their website, and found that four of their wire baskets would fit perfectly on one shelf! So we went and got ten of them….

This is not at all sponsored by Ikea (but hey! holla at me if you want to help me remodel the thirty seven other spots in my house that need some TLC!)

We also grabbed a few of their glass jars + bamboo lids (not available online) for food and we ended up getting this whole project done for under $200!


I labeled everything so you can see how we organize by theme and help inspire you!

Note: This is two weeks later and it still looks this good. I’m a naturally messy person, but having a specific place for everything makes it much easier to keep things tidy!

For the bottom shelf we purchased straw baskets from Ikea to keep larger items organized- these can be found HERE! We have twenty of these baskets in our house for various things like towels, blankets, dirty kitchen towels, laundry, other random crap (no joke). They are amazing.

Key Tips for pantry organization

  • Group similar items together so they stay organized
  • Have a spot for every item and it will be easier to put it back
  • Get rid of food you won’t eat/expired stuff
  • Buy in bulk so you only buy what you need!
  • Take inventory before you shop so you can use up what you already have!

New to buying in bulk? Check out this post “My Zero Waste Guide to Buying in Bulk”

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