Making Your Clothes Last: With Bodica

When you invest in your wardrobe you want your clothes to last you a long time, and one thing I get asked a lot is how I take care of my clothing so I thought I put together a post sharing all my tips and tricks to making your pieces last! 

I’m covering all the basics in this post like drycleaning + handwashing + stain removal + pilling + pet hair & lint + even mending & alterations!

*This post is in partnership with Bodica, thanks for sponsoring this post!


One thing that might stop you from purchasing a piece is if the tag says it’s dry clean only but I have plenty of pieces in my closet that are dry clean only that I have never actually taken to the dry cleaners! GASP!

How do I avoid the dry cleaners you ask?

Under Layers! My favorite ones are from Bodica and I’ve been testing them out for the past month. What are they? Basically it’s a lacey cropped undershirt meant to be worn over your bra (or no bra if ya like!) and under your clothes to act as a protective layer. The underarms have an added built-in layer that protects your clothes from sweat and odor so you only need to wash your under layer and not your clothes making your sweaters and tops last much longer!

It also protects your clothes from deodorant and sweat stains and I find this especially helpful for light-colored silks. Silk tends to show stains the most and they are some of the more expensive pieces in my closet.

The Bodica primer comes in a deep V making it work with a variety of tops and dresses and it comes in both black and sand so you can wear it with many different pieces! Plus you can try it out for 60 days and if you don’t love it, return it!


What about stains? I am a rather messy person, just ask anyone who knows me! I am constantly spilling things so how do I manage to not wash stuff a ton? Spot washing. I just take a damp cloth and add a little bit of natural cleaner like Dr. Bronners Sal Suds and spot was when needed.

For really pesky stains I’ll dilute the Sal Suds with some water and put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the stain and let it dry overnight. This pulls the stain out and I’ll handwash it to fully remove the stain!

Hand Washing

After a full season of wearing or if the sweater gets stretched out I do a hand wash in my sink with some lukewarm water using a non-rinse soap called Eucalan! This stuff is the best for wools and silks.

I also invested in a wood clothes drying rack that I use regularly. I recommend using a dryer for clothes only when needed as the heat from the dryer will fade the color and shorten the life of your clothes. I always hand dry my pants, linens, blouses, and wools.

For sweaters, this collapsible rack is perfect for so you don’t lose its shape. Never hang a sweater since the weight will make it pull and you will end up with a funny-looking sweater!


Pilling happens naturally with wear but it’s super easy to get rid of! A few tools that I keep in my clothing care toolbox keep my sweaters looking new are a pumice stone/sweater stone that you use to brush off the pills. You can also use a sweater shaver that basically works the same way you save your legs but it shaves the pills off instead!

Lint & Pet Hair

I gave up the need for the disposable lint rollers years ago when I discovered this Oxo Reusable Lint Roller. It works so well you will not miss the sticky ones, trust me I have three cats and I wear a ton of black! Plus it has a built-in self-cleaning tool making it super easy to use and clean.


Simple fixes like a torn seam or a missing button can be easily and quickly fixed! I like to keep a small repair kit of thread, scissors, and needles so I can fix things when needed. Most of these basic repair skills I have all learned for youtube! I just simply search the repair and learn how to do it when needed!

Pro Tip: Ever pop a button off your pants or top? Put it in the change pouch of your wallet so you don’t lose it! I also keep an emergency safety pin for situations like this!

For bigger repairs dont be scared to take them to your local tailor!


Speaking of the tailor, I highly recommend finding a local spot you love!

Being 5’2″ I am no stranger to hemming and taking trips to the tailor. You can only go with the cut off raw hem so many times before it gets old. And as someone who thrifts a lot this is a great way to find an amazing piece for a few bucks and make it custom fit, the best part is you still end up spending less than if you bought new!

A few of my favorite alterations:

  • Taking in the waist/hips
  • Hemming (duhh)
  • Shortening sleeves (a great trick for Petites!)
  • Making something new like turning a dress into a blouse!

Interested in learning how to care for your leather bags and shoes? Check out this IGTV video I did all about it “How To: Leather Care

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