The Less Digest + 001

Hello friends and welcome to the very first addition of “Last Week”

Here I share cool things I learned, my favorite outfits of the week, and other random crap I feel like talking about from the previous week.

This is an easy way for me to recap and share all the things happening in one easy spot for you and me!

Preventing micro-plastics

Despite only buying mostly natural fibers, bathing suits + workout wear + most bras & undies all contain synthetics and when washed create micro plastics, but there is a solution!

Last week Girlfriend Collective came out with a micro plastic filter that you install on your at home washer. Pretty cool idea and I’m definitely interested in knowing more on how this baby works!

It’s also priced at $45 dollars which is honestly a good price in my opinion. If you don’t have an at home washer you can get a Guppy Bag for all you synthetic fabrics to help prevent micro-plastic pollution!


I got to partner with a favorite jewelry maker Marisa Mason who’s based out of Oakland, CA. Reminder that today is the last day to use my code “jesswithless” to save 15% off (expires June 17th)

My favorite looks from this week

I thrifted this $3 mid century ice bucket and turned it into a purse! Full disclosure: My husband found and thought of this amazing idea, he’s pretty cool. Also thrifted this amazing rust colored linen shirt that I ended up wearing two days in a row!

Probably one of my favorite outfits of all time? Wearing mostly secondhand minus this Birkin Basket, its handmade in Portugal and I will be wearing it alllllll summer. Here’s a link incase you want to be cool too.

Okay, so the last one is technically 3 looks BUT they were all featuring one brand Nótt Sleepwear. The create stylish and comfortable sleepwear that you can wear outta the house as I have demonstrated above. If you want to save a cool 15% off you have till the 18th to use my code “jesswithless” at checkout!

Photo Editing

I finally found the app I have been searching for when it comes to making collages (I used it on the two collages above) Its called Photo & Video Collage and I found it on Apple (not sure if its on android?)

For fun

Taylor’s first hit of her new album Lover, ME! was not my most favorite song of her’s (still think its fun) but I’m really loving her latest song “You Need To Calm Down” and especially loving the music video that just came out today!

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New on Youtube

I also posted a new video on my Youtube channel “My First Thrift + Vintage Haul” and now we are up to a whopping 5 videos folks!!

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