Is Sézane Sustainable?

Sézane has quickly become a popular French clothing brand known for their simple yet beautifully detailed pieces that are both timeless and built to last, but are they actually a sustainable brand?

Sézane is a brand I only discovered this past year and when I first did some digging a year ago to find out if their practices were sustainable it was hard to get a ton of info about it. I was, however, able to find some transparency on where their manufacturing is done but it took a lot of digging on the site (see more here)! To be honest I think most folks gave up assuming that since it wasn’t easily visable they weren’t which is fair! The info was very randomly placed throughout the site and not easily available to those conscious consumers. I know by how many people messaged me asking if they actually were sustainable in any way!

So flash to October when I had a lovely conversation with an employee at the Sézane location in NYC and we discussed the issue with their site and he had many customers asking questions on the sustainability of the brand so clearly this was an issue for many as transparency is important!

Well, it looks like they have finally received enough feedback to offer a clear and lengthy explanation on their practices and even their future plans on improving their practices.

How I define a sustainable brand:

  • Fabrics they use
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Manufacturing & treatment of workers
  • The waste they produce or the effort to lower it

Note that it is impossible for any brand to be 100% “sustainable” and my standards may not match yours so choose to vote with your dollar and support the brands you feel match your morals!

What Sézane Does:

All info has been provided directly from their site and you can find the page I referenced HERE!

70% Environmentally friendly materials 

In 36 months, we have multiplied the proportion of eco-friendly materials in our collections by 7. Organic cotton, certified materials, recycled polyester, and vegetable-tanned leather form the majority of our collections. 
– 71% of silk is Oeko-Tex certified
– 67% of cotton is organic
– 47% of viscose is FSC certified
– 31% of leather is vegetable tanned

2X more certified pieces 

We have chosen three of the most credible labels: GOTS to guarantee the organic status of our textiles, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to confirm the absence of harmful, chemical substances, and finally FSC to ensure that our viscous originates from sustainably managed forests. Today, these certifications represent 30% of our collections. 

Two new eco-friendly lines 

All our new models in denim are created using organic and GOTS certified cotton, and the water used during their production is recycled. The eco-friendly washing process consumes 2 times less water than traditional washing methods. Our leisurewear line is equally composed exclusively of pieces made from GOTS certified cotton, lyocell, and recycled polyester.

Recycling Program & Packaging

– Over 12,000 pieces have been recycled since the launch of our recycling program ‘La Grande Collecte’. 
– 100% of shipping boxes are now made from recycled and/or FSC certified cardboard.
– To avoid waste, flexible opt-out packaging options are now in place, leading to the removal of half of our leather goods boxes.
– All of our addresses are powered by renewable electricity. 

What’s in store for Sézane

Sézane’s Goals by 2021

  • Reach 80% eco-friendly materials by ensuring we choose the most sustainable compositions possible, as with our leisurewear, our new denim collection, and soon to be released beauty line which will join l’eau Sézane.  
  • Strengthen the traceability of our collections through all the stages of the production chain. Our traceability is 100% for our tier 1 partners (parts assembling). For tier 2 (manufacture of the final material) more than 80% and 20% for tier 3 (transformation of raw materials). By 2021, we are aiming to achieve 90% for tier 2 and 70% for tier 3. 
  • Obtain new certifications such as RWS label for wool.
  • Switch the power supply of our digital services to at least 50% renewable energy.

I also love that they have a line DEMAIN that is fully focused on giving back

DEMAIN is about giving a little back, appreciating what life offers us every day, and helping children whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged. This major philanthropic program supports concrete actions in favour of access to education, culture, and equal opportunities for children around the world.

  • On the 21st of every month, 10% of Sézane and Octobre Edition’s profits that day will be donated to projects supported by DEMAIN, including the partner charity Pencils Of Promise, which creates educational opportunities in the developing world.
  • On the 21st of every month, we release a special new design, from which 100% of the profits go directly to DEMAIN partner charities including Pencils Of Promise.
  • Our charity boutique in Paris is an unprecedented hub for collecting and recycling, receiving donations, and supporting socially inclusive workshops. At the store, we resell Sézane pieces leftover from photoshoots, our own test fittings, and your own items that you have been kind enough to donate. All profits are donated to DEMAIN.Learn more
  • Our Sézane team is committed too, by devoting their time each month to volunteer for charities supported by DEMAIN. In 2019, Sézane teams volunteered over 200 hours.

Fun Fact: Did you know that they also have a sister or I should say brother line for Men called Octobre?

If you are looking for any more info on Sézane’s sustainability or practices there is quite a bit more info and even some videos to check out all on their site! I hope you found this post helpful, feel free to drop any additional thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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