How To Keep Your Closet Organized

Now most of our home is on the minimalist side and although I don’t have a huge closet I definitely have more clothes than your typical minimalist and keeping my closet organized is something I’ve always struggled with. I have played around with a ton of different techniques and watched countless youtube videos on the subject and I feel like I am finally in a good spot where I can dress with ease and manage to keep things clutter free and organized.

So how do I do it? Well I decided to really look at all the systems I’ve been using and had success with and I have 5 important tips that I think will help you to get a well organized closet!

Make items visible

I have a confession, I don’t own a dresser! Now we do have a closet system that we built from Ikea that does have some drawers but they are all mostly my husbands minus one that I use for socks, underwear, and work out clothes. All the items I don’t want to have exposed and out in the open!

For me, I find that having items in drawers makes it way too hard for me to remember that they exist and to see them all. I like having items either hung and visible or on shelves out in the open so I can easily find what I’m looking for. Some days I feel like putting more effort into an outfit so being able to see everything makes putting together a look quick and easy.


I have played around with a ton of different options and having shelves in combo with a clothing rack works best for me when it comes to storing my clothes + shoes + accessories. I can have every thing I own all nice and neat and easily seen so all my pieces get worn regularly . I find that it also makes me notice the items I’m not wearing and either I’ll start wearing them or realize in need to sell or donate them! I could go very deep into the topic of decluttering your closet but that is not todays post! Let me know in the comments if you want some closet decluttering tips though!

By having all the items out in the open, it forces you to keep things clean and actually put them away! Since its out in the open if it’s a mess its REALLY a mess.

For seasonal pieces I rotate twice a year and my summer clothes get put in my suitcase and when summer comes around I put my winter pieces away! Since coats are bigger I do have an additional bin I use to keep them safe and out of the way. I have quite a bit of clothing I wear year round so this isn’t a ton that’s getting packed away but it is always fun to bring out old favorites when the new season approaches!

For those that will ask the shelving system I use is from Ikea and it’s called the JONAZEL

Use old shoe boxes

Anytime I get a new pair or shoes or a handbag I make sure to keep the box it came in. Typically they are super sturdy and usually in a fun or pretty color! Seasonal shoes I store in my shoeboxes as needed and I am constantly finding new ways to utilize shoe boxes of different shapes and sizes.

My favorites are the skinny ones! They are perfect for storing your belts and stockings and other small accessories. The bigger ones work great for sweaters and scarves. I also keep them for other random things like sewing tools, organization for underwear & swimwear. The possibilities are endless!

Utilize baksets & trays

I find adding different “sections” within a space helps you keep everything organized. I recently thrifted a lucite tray that works perfect for all my smaller handbags and it keeps them all together and it looks pretty fancy too!

I have a few cork boxes where I keep the rest of my smalls mostly clothing care items like a lint brush and leather polish. I also love utilizing mirror trays for my jewelry and other special items like perfume and lipsticks.

Find the baskets HERE

Fold your sweaters!

You will not see me hanging my sweaters at all! I like to fold my most favorites and organize them by color and the rest are kept rolled in baskets making them easy to see and are kept safe for getting all miss shaped when they are hung.

Welp, that’s it! I hope you found this tips helpful and it got you inspired to go organize your closet!