How to Break a Shopping Addiction

The Marie Kondo craze has me thinking a lot about how people get to where they are in the first place. I grew up not so wealthy and when started making my own money it all when straight to shopping for clothes. I picked up a pretty bad shopping addiction early on. I wanted so badly to have all the “things” I couldn’t have as a kid, and always felt like I was missing out and didn’t have enough.

Learning to say “NO”

I found in my earlier years of being an “adult” I had to learn to say NO to myself. As adults we start to earn our own money that we get to spend how we please. Sometimes we are even offered this shiny magical piece of plastic that seems to have never ending money on it! I’m not talking about a debit card, those can be tricky too though when if comes to over spending.

I’m talking about the ones with points and spending limits. If you are in debt and struggling with self control on spending, GET-RID-OF-IT. This is the best advice I could ever give you to help you stop that shopping addiction.

It took me a few years to get the hang of saying NO to myself, I definitely still struggle with not letting myself get everything I want. But it’s such an important muscle to start practicing. Especially if you want a decluttered house, to be debt free, and to be more content in your everyday life.

How break your shopping addition

Unfollow People

You know who they are. Are they making you compare yourself? Getting you to click on to websites and spend money you should be saving. I’m all for sharing amazing brands that fit a need you are looking for but if any one (including myself) is causing you to shop more than you would like feel free to unfollow them! When you gain control back on your spending you can always follow them back!

Unsubscribe from emails

You never knew you needed that perfect pair of linen overalls until it popped into you email this moringin. Now  you “have” to have them. But do you? I’m quilty of signing up for emails to get that 10% off my first order deal but they get you hooked and moths later I’m drooling over some new item that I suddenly feel incomplete without.

Do yourself a favor and spend 30 mins unsubscribing from as many brands email lists as you can…..go ahead this post will be here waiting for you! Another tool I use is Unroll Me , it helps you batch unsubscribe from email lists so you can get it all done much quicker! 

 Shop your wardrobe

How many black sweaters do you already have? We are creatures of habit and often times we go out shopping to only come home with something so similar to something we already have!

Find a hobby

Have you always wanted to knit? Start reading those books sitting on your shelves? Clean the hall closet full of random crap?

Take the time you would spend at the mall or online shopping and tackle that to do list of hobby you have always wanted to try.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew so I did it! Check out a linen tank I recently made!


Shops like Buffalo Exchange and Cheapskate are great for trading out clothes your bored

Cash system

As convienent as those credit cards are and now with apple pay and our computers saving out info (I sound like an 80 year old man) we are spending without even feeling it. Switch to a cash system for a while so you can physically see the money leaving you wallet. Budget you money and give yourself a “clothes spending” budget to start off with and work form there.

Do a no spending month/quarter/year

Sometimes quitting it cold turkey is the answer. Giver yourself an honest and doable time frame 

Check out this post to read all about shopping bans

Buddy system

I’m sure you can easily find a friend that is trying to do the same or in the process of this. Lean on them! Be vocal to your friend about your goals with gaining control back on your spending. Honestly you might even end up doing them a favor!

I have a friend who is on her debt free journey, and instead of going out to eat and get drinks which would result in a spending $20-$50. If our significant others come its even more. We instead stay home and make a homemade meal together, watch a movie and just hang out. I might even whip up one of my famous cocktails! We honestly end up having so much more fun than going out and we both get to save some cash.