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How I Pack Light For a Week-Long​ Trip

Packing is almost my favorite part when it comes to traveling. I love getting organized and having everything ready to go. Plus when you have all your outfits planned out, it makes getting dressed so much easier!

For this particular trip, I went out west to visit my mom who recently moved to Wyoming. We met up in Rapid City, South Dakota and road tripped through South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Technically this trip was only six days, but a week sounds better and you could definitely come up with seven outfits with the pieces I packed.

I’m gonna break down this post into sections based on clothing and explain why I bring what I bring so it can help you when you’re packing for your next trip!

What I packed

*Items are all tagged and some include affiliate links


Always my biggest section and one thing that’s most important is to make sure all my tops match all my bottoms. I also make sure I’m avoiding packing super similar tops so that I have some variety!

Even if it’s summer I always grab a sweater in case I get cold on the plane! You never know when you might need one. Plus you can use it as a makeshift plane pillow.


Again, all of the bottoms match my tops and are equally different so I can keep from getting bored with my clothes!


This is the hardest section for me, as I really love me some shoes. Four seems like a lot but they are all so different!


I keep this as simple as possible and pick a good neutral purse and coat that will go with every outfit! I have never in my life brought two purses on a trip! (Okay I’m sure I did in my youth).

  • Taupe purse – Everlane (color sold out but other are available)
  • Black duster – Na Nin

For other items like jewelry, I just wear the same stuff every day so I don’t see a need to count it!

I ended up taking a total of fourteen items with me on this trip and I can tell you I could have gone at least a week longer with this little packing capsule. One thing I might have added would be a dress for fancier dinners, but this was a mostly car and going outdoors type trip so it was not at all needed.

What I Wore

These looks could easily be made more outdoor appropriate, but a few times I just changed into my Teva’s and I was ready for a little outdoor exploring!

The duster was the real MVP of this trip as the mornings and nights were cold so I’d wear it over all the looks until the day warmed up.

I’d love to know which look was your favorite!

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