compost cocktail: grapefruit cilantro meadarita

This weeks Compost Cocktail is featuring one of my favorite local companies, Charm City Mead Works. If you don’t already know I am based out of Baltimore so I love being able to partner up with local companies. I had a lot of request to do a cocktail with cilantro and happened to have a grapefruit that was about to go bad so I combined the two and it is pretty darn tasty!

I do everything by ounces which any standard jigger will work, I actually end up using a measured shot glass that I thrifted so use whatever you have!


  • 1 oz. roasted grapefruit juice (recipe bellow)
  • 2 oz. Mead
  • 1 oz. Tequila
  • Juice form 1/2 lime (I like it tart!)
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup (recipe below)
  • tsp. chopped cilantro
  • 1 cup ice
  • Salt (optional)

Toss cilantro into shaker and muddle with honestly whatever you have, I don’t have a muddler so I just used the end of a wooden spoon. Add all liquids and cover with ice and shake, shake, shake. Grab your glass and salt the rim if you like, no need to strain this one keep all those goodies in there!

For the roasted grapefruit, I just topped half a grapefruit with sugar and broiled it until golden and bubbly, about 8 minutes. You could also just use the juice from the grapefruit if you like, still delicious!

Simple Syrup is just equal parts water and sugar heated until the sugar is dissolved. I made a bigger batch since it does keep for a while and you can add it to iced coffee!

Also minimalist life hack, if you do not have a cocktail shaker you can use anything with a sealable lid like a mason jar, or fido jar. You just are shaking it up so as long as its sealed just use what you have!