Everlane wide leg crop VS. Jesse Kamm sailor pant

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am a huge fan of Everlane and Jesse Kamm wide leg sailor pants. I wear both of them pretty often and a ton of you ask for my opinions on them. Heres my review for those that are looking for the perfect wide leg crop.

The Everlane Wide leg crop VS. the Jesse Kamm sailor pant are VERY different in price read to find out which one I prefer!

*For reference I am 5ft 1/2′ and
have a 25.5″ waist and a 26″ inseam 

Everlane – Wide Leg Crop

Can be found here

  • Price $68
  • Size range 00-16
  • rise 11 1/2″
  • short and regular lengths available
  • Currently comes in 5 different colors


I bought the wide leg crop when it first came out a few years ago. Since I have a small waist, I ordered it in the smallest size available, a 0. I ended up taking it to get it hemmed and taken in at the waist so they would fit better. It seems that they have recently changed their sizing options and the 00 now fits my waist. (I have a 25.5 inch waist)

Fabric: 100% cotton

A thicker cotton, not too thick for summer. These a super soft and comfortable! One of my favorite pants to wear for road trips/plane rides and just everyday livin’. I find they do tend to wrinkle easy but after thirty minutes or so of wearing, the wrinkles disappear. The pockets are great and they can easily fit your phone and keys. Note that they do tend to stretch out little throughout the day. I tend to dry mine every other wear.

Overall Review:

I love these pants and they are in heavy rotation throughout the year. My only wish is that they were a little bit higher in the waist. They are a great option for those that are looking for a great pair of ethically made wide leg/high waisted pants. 

Jesse Kamm – Sailor Pants

  • Price $395
  • Size range 0-12
  • rise 13 1/2″
  • Steady range of colors with seasonal colors and fabrics. I’m dreaming of getting a pair of their corduroy or American denim!
  • 100% cotton canvas


I purchased a size two since they fit well in the store but I quickly realized I should of got the smallest size. I hemmed them, since I wanted them to be more cropped. Plus I am planing on taking them to the tailer to get the waist taken in. They fit super well when I tried the 2 on in the store but they do loosen throughout the day.

Sizes currently available on their website

  • SIZE 0 – 25.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 36″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 2 – 26.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 37″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 4 – 27.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 38″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 6 – 28.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 39″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 8 – 29.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 40″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 10 – 30.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 41″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 12 – 32.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 43″ AT HIP
  • SIZE 14 – 34.5” AT HIGH WAIST, 46” AT HIP
  • SIZE 16 – 36.5” AT HIGH WAIST, 48” AT HIP

**they are currently working towards getting more sizing, not sure on the time frame of that yet. 


I did get mine taken in at the was it and they are perfect now and my tailor only got $20 to get this done! So worth it in my opinion. It also takes a few months to wear the canvas in but once you do so they are just so soft and comfortable. I wear them sometimes twice a week so I have resown the buttons back on since I can be pretty hard on my clothing.  

I have also spilled a ton of stuff on them including many greasy things and it always comes out, I like to use Dr. Bronnes Sal Suds for all my laundry and stain removing needs! Check out this post to see what I use to clean my WHOLE house with!

Fabric: Cotton Canvas 

Jesse Kamm uses a super thick structured cotton that does needs a little time to break in. One thing that tends to happen with my pants is that my cats nails will get stuck in most fabrics! Since the canvas is so thick this has not happened at all! Note, I did hem about 5 inches off of these pants so they would hit at the calf.

Overall review:

At first, I was a little bummed that there are no back pockets, but I can fit my iPhone in the front pocket it’s just hard to sit down with it in my pocket. The waist is much higher than the everlane pant and its sits where I like it, super high! These feel like you could do any activity and they would be able to handle it. The quality of the fabric along with careful construction they are worth every penny and I know they will last me many years. Also, the button up front is iconic!

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