Everlane Texture Cardigan VS. Babaà Cardigan

Everlane recently launched their cotton texture cardigan which is very similar to the Babaà. My number one complaint when it comes to cardigans is that they arms are too tight which makes winter layering hard. I love that the Everlane cardigan has a looser sleeve that makes it super great for layering in the winter. This was one of the reasons I invested in a Babaà cardigan a few months ago and since they both are VERY similar I thought I would compare the two.

Everlane Texture Cotton Cardigan

Fabic: 100% cotton

Price Point: $98

Size Options: XXS-XL

I went for the black since my wardrobe was lacking a good basic black cardigan and who am I kidding, I should not be trusted with a white cardigan.

Everlane cardigan black

I got in in my usual XXS and it’s definitely oversized. The arms and length is a little bit longer that I would prefer, especially since it’s such a small size. I might be crazy and wash and dry it to see if I can get it to shrink a little….maybe.

However, with me being all nitpicky, I do LOVE this cardigan. It works with so many different outfits so it’s the perfect closet staple. 
I am hoping they come out with other colors and maybe do one in an alpaca since that is my absolute favorite fabric. 


I did end up trying to shrink it and it worked super well! I washed it cold with my other darks and then dried it and it shrank beautifully! I’m much happier with the fit now.

babaà cardigan kids


Fabric: 100% cotton or 100% wool (from peru)

Price point: Kids (size 8) $110 – Adult (one size) $258

Size options: for petites I love the fit of the kids size 8 and the adult comes in a mini and reg.

Size Options: Mini (one size) and Regular (one size)or if your petite like me you can order the kids size 8 which fits me like an XXS

babaà cardigan no19 mini navy
Cardigan no19 Mini in Navy

I went back and forth form ordering the mini or the kids and decided to go for the kids size 8 a few months ago and I’m glad I did! I personally love the fit and think that since I am very petite. For reference I’m 5 ft, 115 pounds and have very narrow shoulders. Honestly my shoulders cause the most trouble when it comes to finding things to fit me. 

Since Babaà uses such a high quality, artisan wool for their sweaters it does have a break in period. When I first got my sweater it was super itchy on me and I typically do not find wool itchy! After a few wears it softened up so much, I even picked a few pieces of straw out. How cute! The quality of the Babaà is amazing and I adore the buttons.

I was hoping they made the kids size in a navy and realized I could just dye it myself so I did! I did make one big mistake and I didn’t take the buttons off so they dyed they same color. Luckily I found identical ones at Jo Anne Fabrics and replaced them.


  • The Babaà cardigan comes in both wool and cotton while the Everlane is only available in cotton.
  • Babaà has a shorter sleeve length then the Everlane one
  • Babaà has 4 buttons, Everlane has 3 (does this matter, not really)
  • Everlane is more affordable but the Babaà wool is warmer for the winter months
  • Babaà has way more color options and I love them as a small brand so I personally like their cardigan most!

How I dye wool

Since I know you will ask here is how I dye wool, something I do a lot!

I use Jacquard dyes which work really well for wool. I purchased a large pot, I think it’s 5 gallons secondhand (most likely used for deep frying a turkey) and a standard dowel rod that I cut in half to use for stirring.

I simply just follow the instructions on the bottle! I use Braggs apple cider vinegar for the acid and let it sit overnight.

Heads up to not wear clothing you like! This does make a mess so be careful, it will but it will not stain your sink. I use Bon Ami after I let the dye since out and it gets the residue off. Bon Ami is da best!

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