review: Novesta shoes

Shoes have always been an issue for me. My feet are a tiny size 5.5 and are quite wide, so it makes shoe shopping hard, especially when it comes to finding cute AND comfortable shoes. So when I find a pair that meets both of those things for me its a WIN, now finding all of those things and them being ethically made? WIN, WIN, WIN! (remember that office episode anyone?)

Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves introduced me to Novesta shoes, they are an ethically sourced shoe company that makes some pretty beautiful tennis shoes that come in my size, are not too narrow, ethically sourced, comfy as heck (I mostly walk all day on a concrete floor) and the craziest thing………THEY ARE PLASTIC FREE!!!! They have been around since 1939 and really in my opinion they should be the leaders in go to stylish tennis shoes, I’m hooked for life guys!

Another cool thing to point out the sole included does offer arch support but it is completely removable so you can add your own if you have feet that need special support.

Heres what they are made of: 100% rubber sole, canvas, and all metal hardware including the aglet (the piece that goes on the end of the shoelace)