Dressing on Your Period Made Easier with THINX!

It’s no joke that dressing while you’re on your cycle can be a little tricky but I have three solutions that all include wearing my trusty THINX. If you are unfamilar with THINX, they are a reusable menstrual underwear that is literally a life saver when it comes to your period!

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So what are the 3 fairly common issues you have when it comes to getting dressed on your cycle?

1. White Pants

2. Underwear lines

3. Dresses

White Pants

I know that the thought of wearing white pants on your period may sound crazy but I wear a pair of my trusty THINX and a menstrual cup and I promise you I have never had a leak! 

New to the menstrual cup? I also have another blog post all about it HERE!

Underwear Lines

Can’t do a cup or tampons?

Need coverage but hate underwear lines?

Did you know THINX has a thong version? Hello to still feeling protected + cute! 

I personally love to use these solo on my lighter days and they work great. Plus, you end up using so much less single-use plastic!


Now let’s talk about dresses, I used to avoid wearing dresses on my cycle because I was but worried about a leak becoming a disaster but now I use THINX boy shorts + a menstrual cup and I don’t have to worry about leaks or anything I can wear dresses anytime I want.

Honesty I wear these boy shorts even when I’m not on my cycle since I like to wear a pair of shorts under my dresses and skirts incase I come in contact with some stron wind! These are PERFECT for that! 

How to SAVE $10 on your THINX order

Interested in getting a pair of your own?

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