sustainable stye: summer hats

I purchased this hat secondhand a few years ago and it has been my go to ever since. The brim is not too big or small and it most importantly, it protects my face and eyes from the sun. I can’t wear contacts anymore and have yet to get prescription sunglasses so a good summer hat is a must.

My tips on thrifting a good straw hat:

+If it looks out of shape don’t let that stop you, real straw hats can easily be molded back into shape. All you need to do is wet the hat and shape it how you would like it and let dry overnight. I usually use a bowl so it has something to mold to. I have done this a million times to this hat, it has been smushed in the car and the brim got all wavy from laying in the wrong position. A little water and letting it sit overnight and it’s good as new.

+Try on all the hats, you want one that is not too loose and not too snug. Nobody likes a hat that gives them a headache or worse one that will fly away in a gust of wind!

+If you see a good hat but it has some awful 90s floral ribbon or fruit, DIY it. Take off the ribbon and add your own, or keep it simple for that minimalist look.