Are Jesse Kamm Pants Worth the $400 Price Tag?

If you have been following me on instagram (@jesswithless) you know I wear my Kamm pants A LOT. But are Jesse Kamm Pants worth it? They’re priced at $395, and are definitely an investment piece for your wardrobe.

Yes you read that right $395.

It took me YEARS to save and convince myself to get a pair!

I get a lot of mixed comments from people asking: You paid how much for these pants? Are they worth the cost? Did you hem them? I’m petite at 5ft, and yes hemmed them. Today I’m going to break down why I think they are worth the cost and go into some details on the fit/sizing and such.


I’m pretty hard on my clothing and tend to destroy things so durability is #1 for me. I also spill everything I eat, my friends call me Jess the Mess, should I change my blog name? I have spilled many things on these pants and every time it has come out. For my stain solutions check out this post, on zero waste cleaning solutions including getting stains out!

I had another pair of ethically made pants (from a very popular brand) that I bought and in ONE DAY of wearing them my key for work poked a hole through the pocket. These have not done that in the entire time I have worn them which is almost a year. 

They’re made of a super thick canvas that is so durable. My current job (at and organic grocery store) involves me stocking, getting super dirty and I cannot wear nice clothing at work. I need to wear clothing that can stand me stocking, breaking down boxes, stocking meat, etc. It’s a dirty job that can be hard on clothes.

Heres a close up of my oldest and most worn Kamms. You can see a little bit of wear on the button fly but other than that they are in perfect condition. It’s worth noting that I have had to re-sew the buttons back on a few times due to me wearing them constantly but that is normal with clothing that has buttons.

For reference I got these in tobacco.

Sizing + Fit

Rise: 13”

I purchased my first pair at a small boutique in Nashville called Two Son. I tried on a size 2 and they fit in the store however they do stretch once you wear them. I ended up getting them taken in at the waist, for reference I have a 25.5″ waist. They also are a 27″ length that I hemmed to 23″ . I would suggest sizing down even though the website says the opposite! Unless you like your clothing a little looser.

Here are the current sizes available on their website:

SIZE 0 – 25.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 36″ AT HIP

SIZE 2 – 26.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 37″ AT HIP

SIZE 4 – 27.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 38″ AT HIP

SIZE 6 – 28.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 39″ AT HIP

SIZE 8 – 29.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 40″ AT HIP

SIZE 10 – 30.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 41″ AT HIP

SIZE 12 – 32.5″ AT HIGH WAIST, 43″ AT HIP

SIZE 14 – 34.5” AT HIGH WAIST, 45” AT HIP

SIZE 16 – 36.5” AT HIGH WAIST, 47” AT HIP

I can get about 3 wears out of them before I need to at least toss them in the dryer so they can shrink a little. Natural canvas tends to stretch out as you wear it. I was mine regularly in the washer in cold water and dry. The will definitely soften up over time and show great patina. My midnight pair is much newer and its crazy how much softer my tobacco pair has become!


Yes they are definitely worth it! I would wear these pants everyday I love how they look, and how durable they are. They have lasted me over a year and I know they will be lasting me many more. Plus, they go with everything in my wardrobe and I feel amazing wearing them with is so important to me when it comes to clothing.

I’d also like to recommend you read Jesse Kamms post on sustainability and ethics to get some more insight on pricing and their mission as a small business.

Not in the Budget?

Despite how great they are, I know they are not a purchase anyone can just go make but there are a few creative options out there to get you hands on some Sailor Pants.

Look for Sales

You can find Kamm Pants and various boutiques like Need Supply that will often do store wide sales, especially on holiday weekends. Check out the Jesse Kamm stocklist to see all the stores that carry her pants in case they might be doing a sale now.

Shop Secondhand

A few favorite online places to find secondhand Kamm Pants are: @noihsaf.bizaar + @selltradeslowfashion +@thegeneraleconomy they are all instagram based resale shops that focus on reselling boutique/sustainable clothing makers. Other secondhand spots to check out eBay, Poshmark, ThredUP.

eBay is where I scored this denim pair!

They Don’t make Your Size?

Check out my post “Where to Shop for the Best Wide Leg Pants” for a full list of the best of the best!

Currently Madewell (fast fashion I know) has the most size inclusive option for sailor pants which you can find here, they are priced at $88 with multiple colors ranging in sizes 23-37.

You can also check out the post I did on Jesse Kamm VS. Everlane Sailor Pant where I compare Everlane’s wide leg crop that are priced at $68. They have sizes ranging in 00-16, you can find them here.

Find the Original

Jesse Kamms Sailor Pant was designed after the pant worn in the navy! Duh!

Rawson sells an amazing original navy sailor pant that is very close. Or head to eBay or Etsy to look for vintage pairs at much lower price.

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