At the beginning of 2018 I decided to officially start Jess with Less (my sweet husband came up with the name. I know, he’s a genius!) I had wanted to blog + put my creative side out there for forever so I decided to finally start.

I started more zero waste focused but quickly rediscovered my love for fashion and started to shift more on sharing outfits and different ethical brands + makers.

It took me about a year to really get this blog rolling but I’m slowly getting the hang of it! My #1 advice for anyone wanting to start out it to just start! Don’t focus on getting it perfect, just keep putting your stuff out there and you will improve over time.


how tall are you?

Five foot and two inches!

What is your size/measurements?

  • Shoulder Width 12″
  • Bust 31″
  • Waist 25.5″
  • Hips 36.5″
  • Inseam 27″
  • Shoe Size 5.5

Where did you get your glasses?

Warby Parker! They are The Chelsea in Grapefruit Spritzer.*affiliate link!

Where else can you find me on the interwebs?

Youtube: Still a newb at this whole makin’ videos thing but it’s fun!

Pinterest: Find out what inspires me! Its like a sneak peak inside my brain.

Instagram: I’m gonna guess the majority of you found me there, but you never know!

*please forgive all grammar issues through out this blog. Grammar is not something I’m good at, but it will not stop me from writting!

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