90s Trends to Thrift This Spring

It might just be me falling sucker to the trends but the 90s seem to be making a huge comeback this spring.

Either way, I’m here for it. I was born in 1990 and honestly loved some of the fashion back then (can you believe that was almost 30 years ago?). I’m excited to mix a few 90s pieces back in my wardrobe this year!

The 90s had this girly but bad ass vibe that I love, PLUS literally all of these styles are completely thrift-able! It might take you a few trips to find those pieces but give it some time and you can find any of these trends secondhand.

90s trends I’m loving

Animal Prints

A fave 90’s + vintage stylin’ babe is Clothes and Pizza. She majorly inspired me to try out some leopard print this year, and honestly it’s one of the easiest things to find thrifting, so be picky!

I did get super lucky and find a leopard slip dress that can be worn a dozen ways and I know will be in heavy rotation in the warmer months. Check out this post “15 Ways to Style a Slip Dress” to see how I did it!


All black, dark lipstick, the very essence of that “bad girl” vibe. Yes, sign me up! hmm, might need to start hunting down that perfect biker jacket?


I prefer smaller prints over louder ones and tiny florals are a favorite. The 90s had some of the most perfect simple sun dresses and im ready to layer these with a solid shirt and some Docs.

Crop tops

Boy, did we love showing off our midriffs in the 90s. This is a style that’s been around for a while and I personally love it. I think as long as I stay 5 ft tall I will always wear a crop top since it fits me like a normal sweater would…

Chunky shoes

Maybe its the fact that I’m 5ft tall but I LOVE platforms. If you follow me on the insta (@jesswithless) you know I recently bought a pair of platform Docs aka the Jadon style and I love them and could honestly wear them everyday.

Iconic 90s styles to try


Not really my thing and I’m not planning on adding any to my current wardrobe but I do love seeing neon greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows. I hear slime green is all the rage this spring!

Popcorn Shirts

I’m calling it, these shirts are making a comback this year. I have already thrifted two of them and I cannot wait for it to get warm enough to wear them. This is also a case where I toss out my stick no synthetics rule, id be surprised if you found one of these not made of polyester. YOLO?

Cartoon Inspired Clothing

We loved our Pooh Bear overalls and Tweety Bird shirts (not a style I am personally gonna bring back). But I’m diggin’ this vintage Disney Mickey Mouse tee that I plan on wearing with cut offs this summer! Yes you will find plenty of cheesy pop culture pieces thrifting, almost too many!


Who didn’t have a stretchy choker in the 90s? I had at least 12,000 with matching bracelets too of course! I thrifted this beaded one that feels like an adult step up to the stretch ones.

You could easily DIY this trend with a quick trip to the fabric store and do a simple velvet ribbon choker!


Velvet minis + skirts + shirts, give me it all! I found a very Reformation style black velvet mini dress recently that I will be wearing a ton this year!

What trends in the 90s did you love or hate? What will you be adding to you thrifting wish list?

I like to keep a thrift wish list in my phone so I can stay focused while shopping. Check out this post “How to Thrift Like a Boss” to learn my secrets to thrifting success!