8 Tips for Taking Good Outfit Pics

You are most likely here because you follow me on the IG. For about a year I have been sharing my outfits daily and have learned a lot in the process.

Disclaimer: I am not a model, nor a photographer. I am a self taught gal that likes sharing her outfits on instagram and I have learned a few tricks over the past year of me doing this.

Over this year I have picked up a few tricks that I think could help those that might want to start to document their daily outfits as well! I’m all about sharing and helping others so hopefully this will help you out!

What do I use to take pics incase you might care/ask?

I have an iPhone X and this tripod and just use the self timer on my phone. I like to keep my set up simple so it is honestly something anybody could do!

How do you edit your pics?

I edit my pics in lightroom using one of the 3 free presets I got from Jenna Kutcher. I make some simple adjustments in Lightroom then again on instagram. I do not spend a ton of time editing because I’m lazy and it’s just not my thing.

Okay, now let’s get started with these award winning tips!

Use a Mirror

I actually have a mirror in front of me when I’m taking pics. This helps me see how I look since I use the good side of the camera (don’t use the selfie side! The front has a better quality camera)

Plus, I can see how my pose looks and if I’m standing up straight, showing off the shoes well, ect.

Stand Uncomfortably

Not really, but kind of.

Posing for the camera can be tricky. You do need to pose your body a little differently than you would expect and its typically kinda uncomfortable to stand that way.

Keep you posture in mind, and play around with poses and you will start to get a feel for what looks good. This is another reason a mirror comes in handy!

Be Real

Learning what angles work best takes some time but once you nail that you can start to loosen up and let you personality show a little more. Some are more shy and prefer to not look directly in the camera, some add some extra sass in their pose, do what feels you!

Lighting Really Matters

I only use natural light so try to find a spot in your house that has good lighting and test out how it looks at different times of the day.

Too much lighting can look bad so it’s all about finding the right time of day!

Spoiler Alert!

I will look at the weather in advance and if its going to rain for days on end I will take a weeks work of outfit pics at once so I don’t have to worry about not getting a good shot on those day. I also batch take photos regularly and honestly this makes life so easy since my outfit is already picked out, WIN WIN!

That Toe Point Baby!

We all love shoes so we gotta show em’ off! I do this type of pose a ton. A little point to the side or the front really adds a little something and shows off your pretty shoes at the same time.

WTF do I do with My Hands?!?!

Hands can be awkward if you are not doing anything with them so here’s some things to do to make it more interesting!

  • Hold a beverage
  • Hands on your hips
  • Hands on your head
  • Cross your arms
  • Hold a purse or something (see picture above)
  • Hold a cat (or dog)
  • Take a mirror pic (obv. one hand needed for this)

Play Some Music

It’s easy (for me at least) to look bored or sad when I’m taking pics so I play a little music! This help bring a lot more energy into the room that ends up being translated in the picture!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Maybe you’re a natural but it took me awhile to get comfortable in front of the camera and I’ll have days that are easy and days that I hate how I look BUT it has become much easier after doing it for a while!