8 Fairtrade Brands to Support

New to the idea of Fairtrade and wondering what does it mean for a product to be labeled Fairtrade?

Definition edited from Wikipedia:

Fairtrade is an institutional arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. Members of the fair trade movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards. The movement focuses in particular on commodities, or products that are typically exported from developing countries to developed countries, but also consumed in domestic markets most notably handicrafts, coffee, cocoa, wine, sugar, fresh fruit, chocolate, flowers, gold (and clothing too!)

It promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.

So when you shop from a certified Fairtrade brand you know that the workers are being paid fairly for the items they produce! Finding fairtrade companies can be hard, so I decided to compile a list of 8 of my favorite Fairtrade brands that I think are worth supporting!

Conscious Step

  • Socks: Men + Women
  • Price range: $15 – $45

A company with a unique spin on giving back, Conscious Step creates fun printed and themed socks that donate to one of the 15 different organizations that they work with. You can have your pick of what you want to donate to and have a fun pair of socks to show for it!

A fun dog printed sock donates to the Best Friend Society and saves dogs! Another pair is the cheetah and zebra printed ones that go towards…you guessed it protecting cheetas and zebras!


  • Clothing: Women + Men
  • Price range: $50 – $350

Indigenous uses organic cotton in most of their clothing. They create simple and classic pieces that are not overly trendy so they can work well for many years and seasons to come.


  • Bed Sheets
  • Price range: $144 twin – $178 king

Fairtrade organic cotton sheets that are “Feather-soft, ultra-breathable and made from cotton sourced directly from farmers in the valleys of the Himalayas.”

They have a range of seven different colors to choose, from classic white to mint green! Set includes a fitted sheet + top sheet + two pillowcases.


  • Basics: Men + Women + Kids
  • Price range: $10 – $100

Pact was one of the first sustainable brands I discovered over 7 years ago! They focus on basics and undergarments like socks, underwear, boxers, t-shirts and, tights, and hoodies. I personally still have and use some of the same underwear I originally bought when I made my first purchase!

They also just added a new line of bed sheets in different colors and prints!


  • Outdoorsy Wear: Men + Women
  • Price range: $50 – $300

Patagonia has been working hard at becoming more sustainable in its practices and they do quite a few different initiatives including starting their own Fairtrade line that focuses on quilted and fleece jackets, pullovers and vests. The whole Fairtrade line offers a pretty large selection of clothing and is mostly on the outdoorsy and cold-weather appropriate side.

To learn more check out the 12-minute video they made that talks about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry and all how Patagonia is working to change it!

People Tree

  • Women’s clothing
  • Price range: $30 – $400

This is my favorite one on the list. The founder of People Tree, Safia Minney was actually featured in the famous fast fashion documentary The True Cost. I highly recommend seeing it if you have yet too!

She works very closely with the factories that produce her clothing and is very hands-on to ensure that the workers are being treated more than just fairly but goes above and beyond what most sustainable companies do! She is a true role model in this industry and has some absolutely beautifully designed clothing as well!

Mata Traders

  • Women’s clothing + jewelry
  • Price range: $20 – $100

Both the clothing and jewelry selections are bold and colorful! Mata Traders was started by three best friends that wanted to start a company with a purpose; here’s a little snippet from their bio:

Three best friends with a serious case of wanderlust set out on an around-the-world adventure and landed in Mother India for four months. Enamored with the culture, markets, and colorful textiles, they vowed to make the country a part of their life story. A love affair with India has evolved into Mata Traders – a design-driven, fair trade fashion brand helping to end global poverty and inspire consumers to change the fashion industry. Made by artisans in India and Nepal, our colorfully original designs provide a stable source of income for families in economically disadvantaged communities.

West Elm

  • Housewares
  • Price range: $30 – $1,000

Another big brand working towards manufacturing items more sustainably! The West Elm Fairtrade Line carries a variety of bedding, shower curtains, rugs, and even furniture!

The line is a decent size and I think that West Elm is on the right track but I would love to see them expand their Fairtrade section in the future!

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