7 Ways to Have a Low Waste Summer

Plastic Free July is here so I decided to round up my 7 most practical and practically free ways to have a low waste summer!

These are all practical ways to lower your waste; plus they’ll help you save money as well!

Carry a cup + straw

When the warm weather hits I’m all about the cold brew! To prevent using single-use-plastics, make sure you grab your reusable cup + straw before you head to the coffee shop!

Bonus: Most shops give you a lil’ discount when you bring your own cup!

A personal favorite cup of mine is the Klean Kanteen, I’ve had the same one for over six years now! They do not sell the same one I use but I’ve linked the newer and improved version here!

Check out my post for my “Go-to Zero Waste Cold Brew Recipe” if you want to save even more $$$ and make your own at home!

Don’t forget the snacks

Heading on a road trip or going out for the day?

Hunger can sneak up on you quickly so it’s best to be prepared and have some snacks on hand. My go-to snacks are fruits + veggies! You can buy most of these package free and they are way better for you than chips and other junk foods.

Headed to the farmer’s market? 

Don’t forget your bags, baskets + reusable produce bags!

Buying at you local farmer’s market is an awesome way to not only support your local small businesses but you will also reduce the emissions used to transport goods.

Buying a carrot in the same state it was grown in instead of one from across the country is way better for the environment + you get a much fresher carrot!


Did you know that you can offset the carbon emissions for you flight? Check out Cool Effect where they calculate the carbon emission for you flight and purchase carbon credits to offset you flight!

Taking a road trip?

  • Take a bus – My husband and I love talking the Megabus to NYC a few times a year!
  • Take a train
  • Travel with a group AKA carpool

Plan a stay-cation

I just planned a camping trip with some friends and instead of driving 5+ hours away I researched camping sites within 1-2 hours away to keep it more local. I found a cute little spot in Harpers Ferry, WV (I live in Baltimore) and we had a blast!

Do some research and find the hidden gems that are close by! You will save yourself some time traveling, gas money, and emission!

Head outdoors

How often do we miss the amazing things hidden in our own towns? Check out the local trails, museums, gardens and other cool spots you might have forgotten about and spend the day exploring. I’ve been doing this a lot as a way to stop my usual shopping-as-a-hobby habit.

Check out this post “How to break a Shopping Addiction” if you want to stop your bad shopping habit!

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated in the summer is super important! Make sure you keep a reusable water bottle on hand and backups if you can!

Never risk the chance of dehydration. If stuck in a situation where you don’t have your water bottle try to find water in a glass bottle and just refill it as needed!

Do you have any good tips for having a low waste summer? Let me know in the comments!

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