6 winter wardrobe hacks to keep you warm + fashionable

It’s easy for me to feel less motivated to dress up when it starts to get super cold out, but a girl can only wear the same sweater + pants combo so many times. With temps currently in the teens I have taught myself some simple wardrobe hacks over the years that help me stay warm + fashionable.

Mind you, this is all coming from a gal that hasn’t had to live with winter her whole life. I lived in Florida for 10 years! I took me a few years to learn how to dress for cold weather. However, it forced me to get creative with what I already had in my wardrobe!

Double up the tights

Sometimes you just want to feel dressed up despite the cold temperature. When I’m feeling like dressing up a little I will double (sometimes triple) my tight and that keeps me as warm as a pair of pants! This wardrobe hack works great with dresses + skirts + shorts + skorts (does anybody wear these anymore?). I find that adding the two layers together makes them so much warmer and can extend the wear time of my favorite warm weather basics.

My personal favorite tights are Swedish Stockings, and yes the quality is worth the price. I get the black 100 Denier.

You could also invest in a pair of fleece lined tights or some cashmere tights. I personally do not like fleece lined tights. Once I get in a heated building they make my legs sweat! I really don’t get super cold in the winter so they would work great for someone that can never seem to keep warm.

simplify your color palette when layering

The most important part of keeping warm is layering. As simple as it is this can get tricky and you can quickly start to look overdressed. When layering, I like to pick one clothing piece, and pair the rest with neutrals. If I’m wearing a green dress I will stick with a neutral palette for the rest of the look so the outfit is more cohesive. The same works for prints, I usually stick with one piece having a print and letting the rest be neutral.

Unless of course you love layering with color and prints, then have fun with it!

silk as an insulated layer

I have a few silk tops that I like to keep on a year long rotation. Silk tanks work great as a basic summer top, plus they can be dressed up or down year round. When the winter hits I will layer them under my shirts, dresses, and sweaters to keep warm. Since silk is so thin it doesn’t add any bulk and its insulating! Silk naturally helps regulate your body temperature so when layered it will keep you super warm!

My current favorite silk tank is this one from Everlane, I wear it almost daily!

sock and clogs

You read that right! I love to wear my favorite clogged heels with some cute wool socks! I’m all about getting creative with what I already have and who wants to pack away there cute clogs all winter long!

One of my favorite socks companies is Wigwam plus they are USA made (worn in picture). I have them in the white/gray and white/black and they work super well with clogs!

simple outfit wearing a down top, Jesse Kamm pants, and black boots.

wide leg pants + tights

The most important wardrobe hack!

I get asked all the time how I manage to wear my wide leg pants in the winter and heres my secret! I like to add a layer of tights + socks under my wide leg pants and pare them with some boots. I will add a pair of socks over the tights so they keep my feet nice and toasty. This trick works best with a higher ankled boot since you will pretty much not be able to see the tights at all!

I’ve also done this with my favorite linen jumpsuits and it works like a charm!


loose sleeved cardigans

These are great if you want to extend the seasons of your favorite frilly + bigger sleeved tops. I have a few special Shop Doen pieces that have bigger sleeves that don’t layer well under tight fitting cardigans. Babaà    

has some loose fitting cardigans as well as Everlane’s Texture Cardigan.

cropped sweaters

This is honestly one of my favorite trends that exist. Maybe is just because I’m petite and most of the time a cropped sweater just fits me like it would a normal sized person? Either way they are a staple in my wardrobe especially in the winter. Wear them over a dress and suddenly its a completely different out fit! They work great for high waisted jeans and tucking into skirts.

This one from Everlane is one of my personal favorites (shown in the outfit below). I also get lucky finding great cropped sweaters at thrift stores too!

sweater tucking

Have a ton of long bulky sweaters? Try this wardrobe hack!

1.The French tuck

Just tuck the very front of the sweater in your pants or skirt, them flip under the hem to make it appear more cropped

2. the half tuck

I do this trick the most! I tuck in half of the sweater and fold under the rest in the back. This works super well with sweaters that have a large band. You could even pin it with a safety pin so it stays in place.