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5 Last-Minute Halloween Looks

I can’t remember the last time I purchased a new bagged costume. Even before I knew how bad “disposable” costumes were (learn more in this article) I liked to create my own by piecing together a look with items that I already have in my closet. Depending on the costume idea I sometimes needed to thrift a prop or two but they usually never cost me more than $10!

This year I really waited till the last minute to figure out what to be so I decided to get creative with what I had and I quickly came up with 5 fun looks. I made a quick little video showing each of the looks that I shared on IGTV and had so many ask where some of the pieces I wore are from, so I thought I would link them all below!

*The song I used for this video is called Good Mood by Heartbreak Kid via Musicbed. I use Musicbed for all my videos. Click this LINK to get a month free!

Boss Babe

Someone commented saying this look reminded them of Angelica’s mom from the Rugrats and I’m 100% okay with that!

James Dean

90’s Sports Mom

Zero Waster

The look is complete with a trash jar and all the reusables you could ever need!

Penny Lane

My costumes over the years

Top row left to right:

  • Organic Carrot – I made my hat and dyed a thrifted shirt and jeans!
  • Elvis – Thrifted Elvis costume and my hair took me like an hour! (last years costume)
  • Ozzy Osborne -This may be my favorite costume ever? Why yes, I do have a bat in my mouth to give it that authentic vibe.

*A little brag about the Ozzy costume- I thrifted a pair of Doc Martens for this costume that was a few sizes too big for me so I ended up reselling them for 3 times what I paid so this costume actually made me money!

Bottom left to right:

  • Witch – using all vintage pieces that I already had plus a lot of hair product + makeup (this one is circa 2011 I think?)
  • Lumberjack – Okay second favorite was this one! The husband is Prison Mike from The Office if you can’t tell!

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