3 ways to reduce waste using a bandana

To celebrate the release of Tradlands bandana, I wanted to share 3 ways you can reduce waste by using a bandana! Since adopting a zero waste lifestyle I have learned to get creative with what I have. Something as simple as a square cloth has so many great uses, especially when it comes to reducing you everyday single use consumption.

Note: this is a sponsored post, and it’s one I had a ton of fun doing! I hope you love the ideas as much as I do! If you’re interested in ordering a bandana my readers get 15% off by using the code “jesswithless15”. heres a link to their website to get one yourself!

1: Utensil Kit

Two things I keep with me at all times are a fork and a napkin. I find having both of these things in my bag helps me reduce my waste when I am on the go. I simply fold my bandana and use a piece of ribbon to keep the fork held in the napkin so it stays clean. Simply toss it in you work bag, purse, or back pack and you are ready to prevent the use of single use plastics and paper napkins! Plus food tastes so much better on a real utensil! I also personally love to use straws so I will add in a metal straw to this kit, but it is not necessary!

2. Furoshiki Style Lunch Bag

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese style of folding a square cloth as an easy way to transporting items. Commonly used before the invention of the plastic bag.The most common use of it today is using it to pack up your lunch!

how to fold

  1. Simply lay the item you wish to wrap in the middle of the bandana
  2. then fold the opposite corners in the middle
  3. then do the same to the other two corners only this time tie them in a knot to secure the whole thing

This knot also acts as a great handle making it easy to carry!

This folding technique also works as a makeshift bulk/produce bag. Or even a beautiful way of wrapping a small gift instead of using paper. It can even double as part of the gift itself! Imagine all the plastic bags you can save by using this simple folding technique. You can even combine use 1 and 2 for a super low waste lunch!

3. A Hankie

Like a lot of things in history the tissue was invented by accident. Initially a disposable tissue paper was invented for women to remove cold cream off their face. However people quickly started using them to blow their nose and they gained popularity and turned into what they are today.

Not only do most tissues use virgin paper, meaning they are cutting down trees instead of using recycled paper. We are also using more water to manufacture the tissues than if we were to use and reuse a hankie! Keep a stack of reusable hankies and not only will you produce less waste but you will save money since you are no longer buying disposable tissues!

I keep a bandana (or hankie) in my bag (or back pocket) and use that one throughout the day. Now the beautiful Tradlands one is a little too pretty to be used for your runny nose, but you can find cloth bandanas a hankies at your local thrift shop. Or if you are feeling crafty, make some yourself!

Do you have any other uses for the simple bandana that help you reduce waste? Which one is you favorite color? Mine personally is the rust!