100 THINGS / 100 POSTS

This marks my 100th post on Jess with Less! Since it happens to align with the end of the year I thought it would be fun to do 100 things I learned + did + liked this year! It’s a long list but divided into sections!

10 Favorite Blog Posts

10 Favorite Outfits

Videos I Made

I became a little better at editing videos and filming (it’s freaking hard!) Here are a few favorites

Most Important Lessons

  • That practice works
  • Like being uncomfortable is when you grow the most
  • sometimes you need to cry it out
  • plus I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot
  • like how to say no
  • to take risks
  • and to trust my gut more
  • and failing is so very necessary
  • and that working for yourself and being at home alone is HARD, so I…
  • Started working out for my mental health and it helped so much
  • Also started going to a coffee shop to work to be around people


  • B-Complex makes me feel great!
  • I love tequila but it doesn’t love me
  • Gave up coffee for 2 weeks (I do this a few times a year)
  • Celery juice is gross but makes me feel good
  • That I’m actually 5’2″ (I thought I was 5″!)
  • I found my VSCO filter lol, honestly a big deal – AL3 if you’re curious!
  • I also only use my iPhone to take pictures!
  • This is the mirror I take my outfit pictures with
  • and the clothing rack I use
  • Fell in love with the sassy and smart GaryVee here are 3 videos of his I love
  • All of his Trash Talk episodes
  • Why Everything is Scary Until You do It
  • 3 Questions to Ask if You Want to be Happier
  • Grew one pant size bigger, why was I wear my pants so tight and uncomfortable?
  • Designed my first piece of clothing with Fauxgerty called The Jess Set!
  • I tried wearing colors and realized it’s just not for me #neutralaboutit
  • Realized I don’t like to wear trousers
  • Participated in #nospendnovember
  • Refound my love for simplifying and minimalism
  • 5 Got featured on Glamour, Daily Mail, Metro News, Yahoo News, and Fox News for a silly Tik Tok video!

Books I loved


  • Dyed my hair blonde!!!
  • Got a bikini wax and my upper lip waxed for the first time haha, facial for 2020?
  • Started using blush and bronzer and hi I love it
  • Tried microblading but I think I’ll have a professional do it!
  • Tried a ton of natural make-up Lila B and Kjaer Weis are my favorites


Honestly this year I traveled the least since I’ve been working on building this little business but I still did/saw some amazing things

  • Went on a cruise, not my thing
  • Spoke on a panel for the first time
  • Snorkeled for the first time!
  • Lead a workshop on a capsule wardrobe for the first time
  • 2Visited Portland, OR (twice!)
  • Went to Canada for the first time
  • Went on a friends camping/tubing trip
  • 7Got to meet some amazing online friends IRL @simpleishliving @theconstantcloset @andrea_hartman_ @ariana_lorelei @sustainable_vegan @shelbizleee @rachel_baree
  • Tried out bouldering and I’m surprisingly good!
  • My car hit 200,000 miles and is still going strong!
  • Ran into a tree stump (with my husband’s car)
  • Saw Mount Rushmore
  • 3 Visited South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado for the first time
  • Learned how to install a light fixture
  • Painted all the trim in our house
  • Made a Tik Tok and immediately felt old
  • Found a new love called orange wine (skin contact wine)
  • My husband and I started re-selling vintage furniture and goods! @carpenter.studio hoping this becomes a full-time gig for my husband!

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